MUNRUTHEL’s Epoch of Aquarius Out now on Svarga Music

On August 6, 2012 Svarga Music reissued Epoch of Aquarius, the third album from Ukrainian Pagan Metal band MUNRUTHEL. This album became a classic of Ukrainian Folk Pagan Metal upon its initial release in 2006 and quietly sold out. This masterpiece of Slavonic Pagan Art is now revived. Created by Ukrainian underground legend Vladislav “Munruthel” Redkin, who participated in more than 30 albums with various bands (ASTROFAES, THUNDERKRAFT, etc), the album features unbelievable folkloristic colors, technical solos and live folk instruments in what has become a stalwart release from the Ukrainian Pagan Metal scene! The new edition comes in deluxe digipak with completely new artwork by Al.Ex {Mayhem Project} and includes as bonus track cover version of BURZUM’sTomhet.”

An album teaser for Epoch of Aquarius has been posted at this location and the title track is currently streaming on Svarga Music’s SoundCloud Page.

На Грани Миров (Пролог) [On The Verge Of The Worlds (Prologue)]
Воронограй [The Raven Croak]
В Шёпоте Листьев Иль В Грома Раскатах… [In Leaves’ Whisper Or In Bursts Of The Thunder…]
Эпоха Водолея [Epoch Of Aquarius]
Мне Поведали Зори… [I Was Confided By Dawns…]
Эхо Забытых Сражений [Echo Of The Forgotten Battles]
На Грани Миров (Эпилог) [On The Verge Of The Worlds (Epilogue)]
Tomhet (BURZUM cover, digiCD edition)

Praise for Epoch of Aquarius:

“Munruthel manages to incorporate a big dose of Slavic folk into his music without losing his balls – and we appreciate that a lot … The vocals have a story on their own. Where Munruthel stands out with a great black metal voice, he had a certain Vitali to join for the clean vocals which at times are phenomenal.” – Rock Tribune (Belgium) [85/100]

“Great opus where aggressiveness is combined with melody, beautiful acoustic parts with brutal electric moments, different vocals, even moments nearer to melodic Black Metal or even certain really catchy moments.” – Queens of Steel (Spain) [9/10]

“Let me tell you, you won’t hear many one man bands sound anywhere near as tight, professional and epic as Munruthel does with his iconic opus “Epoch of Aquarius” … From the very musical core of this album all the way through each wandering path of sound and mood, through to the nicely finished artwork, everything about “Epoch of Aquarius” speaks volumes, in class, elegance and pure adrenaline fueled fury when the mood takes him.” – Destructive Music (UK) [8/10]

“Simply beautiful and genius!” – Metal Glory (Germany) [9/10]

“Each day, bands from the distant Ukraina surprise me more, they sound original and straight to the point. … Keep and eye out for these releases of Svarga Music from Ukraine, definitely it will surprise you!” – Aquelarre Zine (USA)

“Epoch of Aquarius is not just an album, but the true MUNRUTHEL album!” – Infektion Magazine (Portugal) [8.5/10]

“Munruthel shows that he has to offer something to the world, beautiful compositions … With ‘Epoch of Aquarius’ a beautiful album is re-released, one which has to be in all collections.” – Folk-Metal.NL (The Netherlands) [8/10]

“As far as Munruthel is concerned there is no denying the fact this is a very good album and well worth checking out if you have not heard his stuff before (and indeed if you have and missed it).” – Ave Noctum (UK) [7.5/10]

“It reminds me in the essence to the music of Japanese composers like Nobuo Uematsu from the Final Fantasy games series, but in a very Heavy Metal way. Also, comparisons to some Viking era BATHORY, some early DIMMU BORGIR and even to some OPETH can be made … With a very good and guitar orientated sound, some very good solos, and an overall quite great performance, this is amongst some of the best music I have heard in the style.” – Voices from the Darkside (Germany)

“These Ukrainians are quite close to the folk “version” of DIMMU BORGIR … With this release the band managed to point out their Slavonic identity in Metal and this is a great success.” – Metal Chroniques (France) [8/10]

For complete biographical information on MUNRUTHEL, visit


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