The Prophetic Sounds of My Heart To Fear

myheart2016-267x400The Prophetic Sounds of My Heart To Fear

Since their formation in 2006, My Heart To Fear has unleashed three epic albums jam packed with audiotory intrigue and compelling lyrical content.  On the spiritual side the sprectrum. My Heart To Fear recently signed to Luxor Records after a brief tenure with Solid State Recordings.  It’s been awhile since their mighty 2012 Algorithm release, and now My Heart To Fear returns to haunt your senses with their thought provoking The Draft EP.  A dark and brilliant manifesto documenting their thoughts on the dire state and false realities of the world today, The Draft EP by My Heart To Fear is sure to set the imagination in flight.  Highwire Daze Online recently checked in with front man Trevor Poole to find out more the dark and prophetic sounds of My Heart To Fear.  Read on…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in My Heart To Fear, and how long the band has been together.
Well first off, thank you for the interview! My name is Trevor and I am the lead vocalist of My Heart to Fear, we have been a band since June 2006.

Where is the band based out of and what is your local music scene like there?
MHTF is based out of Williamsport, Pennsylvania, and the music scene here has always been great! There are so many different kinds of artists/bands in the area, and with it being a college town you generally can attract a crowd to all those different genres. Though aside from our home venue The Ground Floor (Make sure you hit up a show there), it can get tough finding a place to play heavy metal around here.

How did you wind up on Luxor Records as opposed to Solid State this time around?
Well Solid State kicked us off because we took almost 2 years to get back on the road and release another record; our van’s transmission went out and our guitarist quit, so it was a year and a half later when we were ready to send them demos. When we got the email that said Solid State wouldn’t be doing any more business with us, we recorded our EP and kept doing tours until we went on a run with our brothers in It Lies Within, which led to meeting the Luxor family.

Is there any overall story or concept behind The Draft EP title?
It is a concept album, “The Draft” represents sudden change, similar to the thought of being drafted into the military against your will.  The song “The Draft” covers the over-arching meaning behind the EP; about being born into a false reality where those in control get us to accept more control by creating intentional tragedy to bring people into a state of panic/vulnerability. (Be the axe that kills, to be the hammer that builds).  Every song on the EP is about a specific way tragedy is being/has been created for the purpose of a global control system.

Select two songs from The Draft EP and what inspired the lyrics.
This is a tough one, but great question. I’ll try and keep it short haha

Rent Past Due – is the first track on the EP, the name is a play on the US debt and represents how we own nothing if our dollar costs 2.  It was written as a declaration against mass microchipping and centralized control of peoples minds. A global currency, cures for diseases, wifi in your hand, you name it, there will be extraordinary incentives for becoming a part of a society surveilled all the way down to the flesh. “Rather be a survivalist/Than merge my body and mind with machine/From the throne of soon-coming global regime

If It’s Aliens, It’s Not – Is a story about governments, secret societies and major world institutions (CERN, NASA, The Vatican, etc..) using mass media to propagandize people into seeing fallen angels manifesting the earth as an alien invasion. Just think, if “aliens” came to earth, most people would very easily latch on to the idea of them being a higher knowledge to submit to, which would incite mass obedience. “They’re going to promise you world peace, and it’s going to seem like it’s real/before depopulation/before sterilization of the world/I saw the lesser lights in the sky/men washed away in hysteria’s high/
aircraft from space/but I see government plates/Demons hold political realm/church of the black sun

3000x3000Who did the cover art for The Draft EP and how much input did you have on it?
It wasn’t intended to be one person’s idea originally because we all usually do have ideas for the art, but Adam Serrano jammed our song “The Draft” and sent us the album art after listening. He did a fantastic job and based it off of how the song made him feel just BY listening.

How does The Draft EP differ from the previous My Heart To Fear releases?
Before “The Draft” we had a lot of harmonies, atmospheric noises and other add-ins play through the back tracks live, but we cut all that out; we wanted to scale down to the bare 4 instruments, and out came this EP. There is a much more rock-based metal sound as opposed to the slower more progressive approach that our 2012 release “Algorithm” took. Considering we have never done a concept album before, another big difference for this release are the lyrics as well. Each song presents a facet of how a “Join or die“-esque one-world-government is being established by a lineage of bloodlines that throughout history have brought down other civilizations to amass enough resources for what is currently being efforted. They’re going to do it by creating a state of chaos intense enough that people beg for whatever solution is presented, even if it makes them utter slaves.

Who produced The Draft EP and what was their overall contribution to the recording?
Logan Summey at Rock Mill Industries produced this EP, and did a fantastic job helping us weed out the filler ideas for the choice ones. We have been close for a while, so the family atmosphere made the whole recording experience much more open and easy. We actually met our recently added guitarist/brother Dan Pugh while recording the demos for the EP with Logan, so what we gained from it all was much more than just music.

What could one expect from a live My Heart To Fear show in 2016?
Expect to be fully accepted into a family that like to flail our limbs, climb things and play metal as much as possible. You will be given music, great conversation, prayer, love, and free posters all DAY.

Would you consider My Heart To Fear to be a Christian band at this point? Why or why not?
Well, to be honest, we don’t really call ourselves a Christian band because the band is just an idea; a catalyst for the message, if you will. All of us study into extensive research and evidence behind our faith, but we don’t talk about the cross every song. We have songs about political corruption, depopulation, miracles we have seen together, when my house was demonically possessed, mind control, etc… all of this stuff has our faith integrated throughout, but all in all we are just a band that wants to spread truth. We take this approach because we believe that people can still be unified through the music and mutual respect of each other as individuals, even if they don’t agree with subject matter of the lyrics.

If My Heart To Fear could open for any band either now or from the past, who would it be and why?
Definitely Pink Floyd, the genre/sound contrast would make for a terrifyingly trippy show.

Any final words of wisdom?
Support your local musicians and artists, don’t take the microchip, and be excellent to each other!\

Be sure to check out My Heart To Fear on The 11th Plague Tour with It Lies Within thoughout the month of December!

My Heart To Fear is:
Trevor Pool – Vocals
Dale Upright – Guitar
Dan Pugh – Guitar
Taylor Pool – Bass
Luke Brady – Drums

(Interview by Ken Morton)

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