Nada Surf

The Stars Are Indifferent To Astronomy by Nada Surf (Barsuk Records)

Pop alternative is something this band does well. Catchy melodies linked to flowing landscapes and colorful backdrops. All of this is expressed by developed harmonies and fun energy almost like bubble gum. This isn’t a garage sounding pop but more produced and nicely arranges with great guitar riffs and streaming bass lines that keep you in line with the beat tracks. It’s okay to hum along too or sing out loud if ya can carry the notes too.

Nada Surf has a few really great gems on here that you’ll want to hear more than once. Opener title song of Clear Eye Clouded Mind helps you to process the title of the album and clearly sets up the mood for this 10-song extravaganza. The disc is full of fun trinkets of songs that will catch your ears and get you to hum along.

One of those songs is The Moon Is Calling. The chorus is calling you to get up and go up as if the moon wants you to get there. This song would make for a cool video. So who wants to go to the moon anyways – well at least I wouldn’t mind how about you?

Other great songs on here are: Waiting For Something (which we all are right now), Looking Through, Jules And Jim, The Future and No Snow On The Mountain. There are a couple slower tunes on here too but they wont put you to sleep. One of the newer sounds the band uses a horn in one of the songs too.

If you like Fountains Of Wayne you’ll appreciate this new Nada Surf CD. With the release of The Stars Are Indifferent To Astronomy, the band has an added a limited EP to some, which contains five of the songs from this album done acoustic. This is more pop than alternative but there are a few moments that get a little fast with beat and electric guitars.

(Review by Jonathan Wright)


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