NecronomicoN: Bewitching the City of Angels

dx0a0108NecronomicoN: Bewitching the City of Angels

The almighty NecromonicoN from Canada made their way into the City of Angels, bewitching the masses downtown with their sonic rituals of darkness and intrigue.  On tour with the legendary Rotting Christ and the captivating Carach Angren, NecronomicoN performed songs from their recently unveiled Advent Of The Human God magnum opus as well as other tapestries from a vast and brilliant cauldron of auditory spells and hymns.

Prior to their superbly intensive live performance at The Regent Theatre in Downtown Los Angeles, we caught up with NecronomicoN mastermind Rob The Witch backstage to discuss the current tour, compositions from Advent Of The Human God, their Celtic Frost cover song, the American election, and more.  Read on!!!

Introduce yourself and tell me what you do in NecronomicoN:
I’m Rob the Witch; I’m singer, guitarist, composer and founder, only original member from NecronomicoN in Canada.

How is this tour with Rotting Christ been going, what have been some of the highlights, is this the first time?
We played with Rotting Christ in the past but we are talking about like 1998, 99. It’s around pretty much the first time, we played one or two times with them maybe three, I’m not sure. It’s the first time we’re touring together. We met again in 2012 on 70,000 Tons of Metal, with a lot of respect and all that stuff. And now it was really cool because we exchanged quite a few emails before the tour. Rotting Christ was really, really vocal about saying they were really honored to tour with us and it’s likewise from our side. It’s pretty easy, pretty cool. Everyone’s really respectful and honest. We all have our little jokes and everything so it’s pretty cool.

dx0a0111How do you feel about Marduk dropping off the tour and were there any worries about a cancellation?
Of course. At the beginning, there was some worries, I mean, we felt it, especially the first thing that happened where everyone joined up in Ft. Lauderdale and first thing we hear is that a promoter dropped the show right away and I can tell you there was some anger from all the bands. We were like, why, you know, we’re here.  [laughs] So yeah, we had a working visa, all that stuff and they were saying in three days, in five days they’re going to be there, blah blah, blah. And we start to realize that with every show passing, you know that they would not show up. But the thing is, every night, the venue were full. That people were excited to see all the bands and a lot of people were saying that it was the darkest, most brutal black occult tour for this year. So everyone was so cranked up and we see it. I mean, damn, it was sold out in New York City at the Gramercy Theater. I mean that’s a shitload of people there. It’s still the biggest attendance we had on this tour. So I mean, everything is so doing so well and after a week, we were told that Marduk was supposed to be there. No offense to them, not saying that, it’s just like everything is rolling like it was supposed to be.

Is there any story or concept of the album title Advent Of The Human God?
We can see it as a trilogy with the Return of the Witch, and Rise of the Elder Ones. But if we take it apart, you know, it’s the Advent Of The Human God. If there’s an energy there that’s called God, it’s not like a big guy sitting on a cloud with a white beard but it’s rather an energy-like power that inhabitants entire matter and life that with a little practice we can come back to be in communion with this. Then we can fill the connection. That’s to realize that you become more than anything and at the same time you become nothing and everything. You become part of the great energy of the great one, or the great all. The great mystery – the great spirit. So you can become part of that big tree that is the energy of the entire creation. You become your own god after all. That’s the short version.

Select two songs from The Human God album you’ll be doing tonight, what inspired the lyrics?
We’re gonna do Advent Of The Human God right out of the bat, we start the show with it. It’s extremely demanding, physically. Really intense, really fast. A lot of orchestration. I hope it’s gonna be good because we have a lot of technical problems today so we’ll see how it goes. Hopefully it’s gonna be good. We’re gonna do Crown of Thorns, also from the newest video clip.  It talks about how everywhere in the world cultures, that we’re in communion in nature, and the great (cultures) have been assimilated, destroyed and lost the entire way of life because of the conquering Christians hundreds of years ago and even today, we still feel the devastation of this genocide and corruptions and determination of everything. The video we see that, because we’re from America. You’re from the US we’re Canadian. We’re all Americans in a certain way because the Native people have been suffering greatly and they had freaking fantastic cultures. That’s why, in the video it’s more about this but the original idea wanted to include Black people, people from Northern Europe like from the Germanic empire or Vikings who have totally lost their culture after a few hundred years, after being in contact with Christianity.

dx0a0090-2Has Celtic Frost heard or commented on your cover of “Innocence and Wrath”?
I don’t know if they heard it yet, but I know before doing it I was talking with Tom Warrior, yes.  I told him on the new album we decided to do a cover. A lot of people said, why did you do an intro? Because you know what? Back in the day when I heard that I said, damn my band needs to have that kind of ambiance and orchestration. That’s why I did it, Tom was like, wow I was not expecting that. He said, just do it.

Being from Canada, what do you think of the current election here?
I’m not into politics at all. Even if it’s in Canada or anywhere, I don’t give a shit man. Two subjects you don’t talk with me, and that’s politics and religion. It’s two things that I really hate talking about. I don’t follow it, I don’t watch TV and I don’t want to know about that. I’m interesting in playing metal and touring.

NecronomicoN is:
Rob “The Witch”: Vocals / Guitars
Rick: Drums
Mars: Bass

(Interview by Ken Morton – Live Photos by Jack Lue)

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