Metal Blade Records teams up with Alan Averill ‘Nemtheanga’ of Primordial for distribution of his label POISON TONGUE RECORDS


Alan Averill ‘Nemtheanga’ works with Metal Blade Records’ A&R department; first bands signed are Sweden’s PORTRAIT and Ireland’s DARKEST ERA!

Metal Blade Records is pleased to announce it has inked an imprint deal with Alan Averill ‘Nemtheanga’ of Primordial to handle distribution of his label POISON TONGUE RECORDS. Alan’s POISON TONGUE RECORDS has already begun to gain notice as a promising label in the underground scene in Europe and now with distribution being handled by Metal Blade Records in North America, the label will be able to further expand its reach into States.

Alan Averill ‘Nemtheanga’ elaborates; “so after twenty years experience in the music industry I am starting my own imprint label called Poison Tongue Records through Metal Blade Records, working in conjunction with Darragh at Invictus Productions and Cyclone Empire. The reasons are many fold and despite the confused state the industry itself is in I felt it was time to step up and make a few things happen. Poison Tongue will be underground, make no bones about it and will concentrate on a couple of releases a year together with Invictus dealing with the underground traders, Cyclone hitting the middle ground and Metal Blade taking care of the shops, main mail-orders and bigger advertisements. Attack on all fronts!

The first release is the BLOOD REVOLT Indoctrine album. Poison Tongue is responsible for the limited digi version available right now through Metal Blade (listen to the track ‘Year Zero’ on the website) in conjunction with Profound Lore in the States and Invictus here in Europe taking care of the jewel edition.

Next up is a joint collaboration on a new DESTRÖYER 666 7″ together with Invictus Productions. Something I’m very proud to be connected with having long connections with the DESTRÖYER 666 boys, this should be out to coincide with their tour with Watain in the fall. Then we are going to begin working with fellow Aussies, and one-time DESTRÖYER 666 members, Berserker and ASSAULTER on their new album, having recruited new members this is going to crush, plain and simple. A demo track is now up on the Poison Tongue site so be sure to check it out. More news will follow about releases to follow.”


In other news; Alan Averill ‘Nemtheanga’ works with Metal Blade Records’ A&R department and has already picked up two new bands. The first is PORTRAIT from Sweden and the second is DARKEST ERA hailing from Ireland. Metal Blade Records chairmen and CEO, Brian Slagel, comments on teaming up with Alan to assist the label in finding new metal acts: “We are very excited to work with Alan on this project. He has great ears and is really embedded in the underground.”

Alan adds; “I’ll be working A&R for Metal Blade, bringing some new angles and ideas. The first of which is Swedish old school contenders PORTRAIT. When this NWOBHM 80’s magma finally spews to the surface these guys are going to be there. The second is young Irish band DARKEST ERA who will release their debut later in the year. A heady and vibrant mix of sweeping Irish melancholy imbued with Iron Maiden, Thin Lizzy, Omen and Slough Feg. Earth pagan power? Sound about right?

There will be more to follow believe me! If you are interested in getting in touch because your band might be what I’m looking for, email:”

Darkest Era

“We take pride in signing to a label with a legacy like that of Metal Blade,” comments Portrait guitarist Richard Lagergren. “And in a way I’d like to say this will be our first ‘real’ album… You ain’t seen nothing yet! Hell awaits!”

Ade Mulgrew, guitarist of Darkest Era, comments; “this is a big step for us and gives us a great opportunity to get our music out to a lot more people. We’ve got a new album written that we are really excited about and can’t wait to get it recorded. Metal Blade has put out some of our favorite records over the years and we’re looking forward to working with them as we embark on this journey of conquest!”

Check them both at www.myspace.corm/darkestera and


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