UK’s New Ivory Released Debut Amygdala Circus on Dim Mak Records on February 5

London trio, New Ivory released their album, Amygdala Circus on Dim Mak Records on February 5th. The band has been described as a mixture of New Wave, Psychedelic and Punk. Listen to all tracks HERE to check them out for yourself.

When compared to their first EP Arrows and Slings, the band stated, “it still has all of the catchy hooks we previously had but we’ve matured and crafted an album full of singles and pop-rock songs, still maintaining our British sound.” The band is made up of members Mickey (vocals, lead guitar), Alessandro (bass) and Andy (drums).

The new album, Amygdala Circus was mixed by GRAMMY nominated producer, Joe Marlett, better known for his work with Blink182, Foo Fighters, and Queens of the Stone Age. Head of Dim Mak Records, Steve Aoki hails the record, saying, “the album New Ivory just finished is incredible and their live show is great. I love this band, Mikey’s voice and lyrics, and their song craftsmanship.”

The band that has toured with 30 Seconds to Mars, You and Me at Six, and Wombats. Upcoming March, they will perform at SXSW as well as extra dates still to be announced.

New Ivory – Amygdala Circus album track listing:
01. Something You Should Know
02. Silent Life
03. All Around Me
04. Alive
05. Springtime
06. Day By Day
07. Hard To Believe
08. Double Dream
09. The Road
10. I Fought Death
11. Dry Tears


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