NOCTURNAL FEAR announce title of next album, promise true “war metal”!

Michigan thrash squadron NOCTURNAL FEAR announce Sadistic Inquisition as the title for their next studio album, slated for release later this year through MORIBUND RECORDS. The band’s fourth album for the label (and sixth overall), Sadistic Inquisition is set to feature such songs as “Invincible Warlord,” “Seal Team 666,” “Bite the Curb,” “Code Name – Trinity,” “Blood on the Battle Field,” “Cold as Death (Life of Crime),” and “Invade to Conquer Pt. 2.”

Featuring the same lineup from last year’s critically acclaimed Excessive Cruelty, guitarist/songwriter Rev. Chris Slavehunter PhD promises that the imminent Sadistic Inquisition “will be our heaviest, fastest, and most militant release yet! It will be a surge in which we will burn all bridges behind us, further distancing ourselves in a bid for isolation as America’s War Metal Assassins – indeed, WAR METAL SKINHEADS! This ain’t Blasphemy, this ain’t Revenge, and this ain’t Canada. This is NOCTURNAL FEAR, this is Detroit, and THIS IS THE REAL SHIT! Reviewers won’t be happy, but true fucking bangers who want their faces ripped off and fed to our PACK OF ROTTWEILERS won’t be let down.”

More news to be revealed soon, but in the meantime, check out NOCTURNAL FEAR’s official websites at and

  1. junk yard willie 7 years ago

    great band, detroits heaviest, the real deal, we used to blast their stuff in the weight pit at kinross and ionia-at least they don’t lie about being born in detroit, whyter than you!

  2. peter otoole 7 years ago

    very killer and technical war metal band, the comments about canada are hilarious, blasphemy an evil band? yeah i think they used to go out dressed like r2d2 and ring door bells, then the mounties took em home to mama.

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