DesoloDESOLO by NORIEGA (Viable Records)

Listening to the stunning debut EP by Noriega is experiencing a swift and entirely unexpected kick in the head – and that is certainly something our stagnant Los Angeles music scene so desperately needs. Those who are into old style Dillinger Escape Plan and The Red Chord are sure to think they are hearing the second coming when encountering the brutal mathcore compositions of this San Fernando Valley-based band.

Desolo opens with You Are God Songs – and the assault to the senses never lets up. The barrage of ferocious sound is absolutely compelling, and must be played at maximum volume. The attack dog vocalizations of ex-This Moment lead singer Trae Malone are devastating. Andrew Hule creates a mesmerizing wall of sound with his superior guitar work. The rhythm section grind the proceedings into a harrowing submission, the driving beats courtesy of bassist Brandon Gillichbauer and drummer Jackson Thompson. When all is said and done, the epic 12-plus minute track Ballacaust could be the soundtrack for the end of time – an epic wall of sound filled with sheer precision and staggering dynamics.

Dark, desolute and down-tuned beyond belief, Desolo by Noriega is a exhilarating introduction of a local band destined for near greatness beyond the City Of Angels.

Info:  (Review by Kenneth Morton)


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