NORTHLAND (VIKING FOLK METAL from Spain) to release “Downfall And Rebirth”

northland1After a hard-working period of composition and studio enclosure, Spanish VIKING FOLK METAL masters NORTHLAND steps forward towards its consolidation with their second full-length Downfall And Rebirth.

The origin of NORTHLAND, back into the end of 2007, started when the band edited the first demo Freezing Sadness.

northland1_1Wagering on a quite unknown style in Spain, NORTHLAND began to make concerts in order to claim for a place within the national Metal scene.

Their melodic music crossed the borders and the band signed up for the German label Black Bards. As a result, Northland (2010), their first studio release, was brought to light.

This launch of finest VIKING FOLK METAL opened the gates for NORTHLAND to participate in numerous festivals, tours and concerts around the European continent.

After three years and almost a hundred of gigs, NORTHLAND began to be considered one of the significant bands among the Folk Metal scene.

Pre-listening here:

Band: NORTHLAND (Spain)
Release: “Downfall And Rebirth” (Album; 2015)
Genre: Viking Folk Metal
Label: Self-financed

1. When Nature Awakes 05:06
2. Bloodred Sunrise 05:35
3. Together We Die 03:52
4. The Rite 02:38 instrumental
5. Fury’s Unleashed 04:03
6. Duskriders 06:32
7. Spirit in Darkness 05:17
8. Whispers In The Wind 04:20
9. Downfall And Rebirth 07:44
10. Moonlight Spell 04:01
11. Newborn Star 05:39
total: 54:47

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