I’m Not Dying Today by Palisades (Rise Records)

Rise Records has once again discovered a new band destined to slam into the big leagues, following such noted acts as Attack Attack! and Abandon All Ships. Palisades is their latest entry, a collective from New Jersey who present a dynamic brand of melodic hardcore that should instantly appeal to many a music fan.  Combining infectious choruses with supreme breakdown action, the songs are exceedingly memorable. With impassioned vocals and challenging lyrical content, the five songs features within I’m Not Dying Today serve as a tremendous introduction to this band on the rise.

Techno rhythm beats mix with a mighty sense of ferocity as the vocals exclaim, “Excuse me while I catch my breath, I never thought that this could happen” with a profound sense of urgency. The driving beats continue on with the gripping sounds of Bury It, an emotional tune that should grab the listener by the throat.  “Don’t forget what you know” is the gang vocal that kicks off Immortal, a triumph of a track, which also contains the title lyric “I’m not dying today.”

The most powerful track on the EP is Seamless Ending, features some pretty thoughtful commentary with lyrics such as “I know when I go to meet my fate, I’ll be staring down God at the Pearly Gates,” and “I’ve made some bad decisions, I’ve made some grim mistakes” hitting the listener with a strong sense of wonder. This tune definitely packs an indelible lyrical and sonic punch and leaves one with plenty to contemplate. Those who complain about the immature lyrics some of today’s young bands tend to write should really enjoy the wisdom found within this explosive song.   The EP closes with the ferocious Wolves, an exhilarating conclusion that will leave you wanting to hear a whole lot more.

The Palisades membership consists of absolutely solid musicians, featuring the talents of Louis Miceli on vocals, Matt Marshall on guitar, Xavier Adames on guitar and vocals, Earl Halasan on guitar and programming, Brandon Reese on bass, and Aaron Rosa on drums. A stunning collection of songs that will remain within your head long after the disc spins to its conclusion, I’m Not Dying Today by Palisades is a lively work of sonic integrity that genre fans will endlessly spin time and again. It will be exciting to see what course the band takes on their debut full length.  Highly recommended!

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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