No Tide

I Hope I Don’t Get Left Outside by No Tide (Anchor Eighty Four Records)

Based out of Lincoln, Nebraska, there is a lot of passion and conviction to be found within the dynamic pop-punk compositions of No Tide. After presenting a well received independent full length entitled Streetlights over the summer last year, No Tide returns with an exhilarating five-song EP being released by the fledging Anchor Eighty Four Records.  Produced with skilled precision by Jay Maas of Defeater, I Hope I Don’t Get Left Outside will find a permanent home with all who like their melodic punk shaded with a decidedly rough yet heartfelt edge. Fans of Title Fight, The Story So Far, and even The Movielife are sure to be enraptured by what this promising band has to offer.

The disc kicks into hydrasonic gear with the massive sounds of Sleepwalk, starting off in a gorgeous mid-tempo range and then plunging headfirst into a ferocious tirade that should really win over the listeners.  Guy’s Like Us Won’t Last A Day There is a thrilling anthem that should inspire sing-alongs all across the country when performed live.

What You Should Know is a haunting instrumental interlude followed by the wondrously impassioned Step Down. And then closing out the recording way too soon is the soaring Edina Weather, featuring the title track lyrics, “I Hope I Don’t Get Left Outside” ringing out with a dire sense of urgency.

Just with the sheer passion and energy displayed tenfold on I Hope I Don’t Get Left Outside, it will be exciting to see what sonic territories No Tide rolls into next. What a treat it would be see a band like No Tide on Warped Tour, rousing up the punk rock masses with their spirited tunes! With Heart To Heart and now No Tide, Anchor Eighty Four Records has been uncovering some terrific talent to be on the look out for. Be sure to check into No Hope’s latest EP and catch them live when their sonic waves of pure exhilaration threaten to envelope your town.

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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