Plastic Planet by Nude (My Kingdom Music)

The very last thing you would expect from a collaborative effort between members of power metal stalwarts Heimdall and the supremely brutal Undertakers is a project with the spiraling sounds of Nude. Indie electro gothic in its finest hour, fans of bands such as Sister Of Mercy, New Order, and BMovie will surely be intrigued by the timeless melodies this Italian collective has bestowed upon the world at large. Plastic Planet is a thoroughly vibrant work of art that is sure to mesmerize all who encounter its dark and sensual reveries. It’s been over a decade since we’ve heard from Nude, and their grand return is sure to entice the ears of many a musical type.

Exploding dark radiance from the start, Plastic Planet unveils Shining Starlight – a thrilling opening cut that will instantly hook the listener in.  Down In The Garden is up next, with luscious melodies and somber lyrics that transcend time and genre. My World Today streams through your speakers with a compelling sense of lyrical irony and musical urgency.

I’ve lost my soul,” the vocals muse bitterly at the end of the bleak yet wondrously infectious Neon Smile. Then Nude invites you to the deadly games to be found within the confines of the Shanghai Basement, where the searing guitars and techno beats will blissfully rock you into oblivion.

Diesel pulsates with the forbidden sensuality, where the “I’m only 37 and you’re just 17” chorus spins feverishly throughout the standout track.  Old Fashion Doors then swings wide open, with its sweeping opulent melodies stinging with a powerful sense of longing and need.

The title track Plastic Planet is a gothic anthem for the ages – possessing a sparkling and dramatic intensity.  Once Upon A Time conveys the haunting story of a girl “standing all along” and the hopeless world she barely inhabits. And then closing out Plastic Planet is Much Better, a staggering conclusion whose evocative “I woke up this morning and I feel like a queen” lyrical content is all about encountering a special someone with a superiority complex.

The musicianship found within the ranks of Nude is absolutely first rate. Fabio Calluori contributes wonderfully atmospheric guitar work while still retaining a commanding presence. Marco “Mauss” Cozza weaves his own brand  of magic and imagination throughout the songs. Bassist Antonio Pucciarelli and drummer Nicolas Calluori present a tight and lively rhythm section. And then there’s the charismatic front man Tom Capuano aka Tommy Box, whose cool and exquisite vocal delivery is stunning to behold. A rich and decadent confection, Plastic Planet by Nude is a devastating work that should enchant and mystify music aficionados all over this jaded world and beyond.

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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