Gary Numan at The Glass House

garynuman1jlGary Numan, The Glass House, October 23, 2014

Within the electronic music genre and beyond, Gary Numan is an absolute legend whose brilliant and turbulent career commenced in the late 70’s. Songs such as Cars, Down In The Park and Are Friends Electric? made Numan into a household name, but his most compelling artistry would be unleashed in later recordings. Much of these latter day songs were performed at the Glass House in Pomona – and on the night of October 23rd, Gary Numan and his band proved to be in top form. The streets of Downtown Pomona were thriving with fans of all ages, waiting to hear the dark and glorious tapestries of the one and only Gary Numan.

garynuman2jlTo a packed house, the sounds of the ominous opening cut Resurrection enveloped the room, setting the mood for the stunning reveries ahead. From the modern day I Am Dust to the classic refrains of Metal, the audience was treated to the various sections of Numan’s vast catalog. Everything Comes Down To This is one of highlights on the current Splinter (Songs From A Broken Mind) – and gains a staggering sense of urgency when performed live.

garynuman3jlThe Fall from the previous album Dead Son Rising filled the room with an unforgiving, relentless beat that ripped through your senses. Down In The Park remains as sinister as even, pulsating throughout the room with its chants of “death, death, death” ringing through loud and clear. Even the familiar strains of Cars were amped up to ten, as Numan and band played it a lot heavier than it was in its The Pleasure Principal incarnation.

With the almighty Pure, you could bang your head into a frenzy with its driving metallic guitars and ferocious “Hey bitch, this is what you are” lyrical sentiments. Towards the end of the set, the one-two punch of Love Hurt Bleed and A Prayer For The Unborn sent the room spinning with its dazzling display of torment and despair.

garynuman4jlThe encore was positively riveting; with I Die You Die and Are Friends Electric? causing a massive sing-along amongst the Numan horde. And then closing out the festivities was My Last Day, permeating through the air with a devastating sense of triumph.

Gary Numan remains quite an imaginative performer, aggressive and intense, all over the stage conveying the brilliant lyrics with seething passion and conviction. A definitive renaissance to be sure, Numan’s live show is a gripping affair that is not to be missed! Combined with the cavernous Glass House and their superb sound system, Gary Numan’s mesmerizing set is sure to be remembered as one of the most memorable shows in the 909 this year.

1. Resurrection
2. I Am Dust
3. Metal
4. Everything Comes Down to This
5. Films
6. Here in the Black
7. The Fall
8. The Calling
9. Down in the Park
10. Lost
11. Cars
12. Pure
13. Splinter
14. We’re the Unforgiven
15. Love Hurt Bleed
16. A Prayer for the Unborn

17. I Die: You Die
18. Are ‘Friends’ Electric?
19. My Last Day

(Review by Ken Morton – Photos by Jack Lue)

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