Obscenity: The Death Metal Anguish Has Returned!

The veteran German death metallers Obscenity have retuned with an all-out vengence, unleashing their 8th album entitled Atrophied in Anguish through Apostasy Records.  The sonic artillery remains lethal as ever, sure to inspire and provoke all whom encounter its fiery discharge.  With legendary past conquests such as Intense and Cold Blooded Murder (both on the late great Morbid Records) under their belt, and a new effort which slaughters everything in its path, we decided to check in with Obscenity to find out more on the continuing saga of pure death metal anguish.  Read on!!!

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Obscenity, and how long the band has been together.
Hi, Chris here, I play rhythm guitar with Obscenity. Our new line up has been together for 2 years now and the band since 1989. Over the years there were some changes in the line up but we think it is good now.

It’s been six years since we’ve last heard from Obscenity. How frustrating was it to wait that long to record a new record?
For Henne (founding member) I think it was very frustrating because he was the only member left in the band but ultimately it did not stop him. He composed most of the songs at home on his own before the new line up was complete. He picked up his guitar and used a drum machine working away without hesitation. During this time he was looking for new members.

Is there any story or concept behind the Atrophied In Anguish title?
The album is very diverse. The actual title “Atrophied In Anguish” comes from me, Jeff implemented the lyrics with some of his own views and we found it fit very well. For us it was the right title for this album.

Select two songs from Atrophied in Anguish and what inspired the lyrics.
Erase The Divine” is my first choice. This song was inspired by Jeff’s hatred for religion. The idea of the lyrics is simply to get rid of divinity in the context of god(s) by means of physical removal. My second choice would be “From Heroic to Depraved“. This was inspired in part by Jeff’s first visit in Europe and through Norway where he saw a monument to a king in viking times that told a story of his brutality. The second part of this inspiration was Jeff’s opinion of how humanity has been weakend through time by religion and media that we are no more the animals (with intelligence) that we should be.

Who produced Atrophied In Anguish and what was it like working with them?
When we decided the songs were ready to record we went to Jörg Uken at “Sound Lodge” studio. As we anticipated he was able to mix this album perfectly. Older albums of Obscenity have also been mixed and produced by him. It was important to us to get a raw but clear sound of what we are doing. Our expectations were high and we were not disappointed. Working with Jörg was very relaxed, professional and enjoyable.

Who did the cover art for Atrophied In Anguish and how much input did you have on it?
-The cover design is by Remy “Head Split Design”, a great artist from France. We did not design the art at all, instead we gave Remy the title song and free reign to do what he does. We anticipated a lot and after the first template we were overwhelmed to how well it fit the album.

Has Obscenity ever played here in the States or plan to do so in the future?
We have never played in the States. Of course we would be delighted to play there, but we all know that’s fucking hard in death metal . Only a few bands can do it without ruining financially dry. Death metal maniacs are scattered all over the world and we will do what we can to play anywhere. We had an offer to play at Milwaukee Deathfest but at this time we had to quit, because private plans crossed it… very sad!

What could one expect from a live Obscenity show?
You can expect a good show with high quality Death Metal from true minds – believe me, we’ve all been doing it for years, we are dedicated to the scene and this music. We all like to play live, meet people, have interesting talks and drink some beers like water; so don’t hesitate to get in touch with our booking agent and book us for a show! Finally, if you know and like our music on CD you will not be surprised to hear these songs in the same way live. It’s our first goal to play the songs live as they are on CD, of course with a live feel. That is in my opinion what makes the difference between a shit band and a good band.

Why you look back on your early releases and working with Morbid Records, what do you think of them now?
They did a lot for us years ago. But they did not exist anymore. Obscenity has a few CD’s released via Morbid and they gave us the chances to play the ”No Mercy Festivals” and a tour with “SFU” It was a cool label, but too small to bring us forward.

What was the experience like playing Wacken?
It was fuckin´ amazing playing there 2 times. The first time in the “Party Tent” and the second time in a bigger one. We had to play at the same time as Motörhead! Maybe you can imagine that nobody can’t hear us. Hopefully we get again the chance to play there!

Who are the newest Obscenity members and how did they become involved with the band? And isn’t one of the new members from Florida?
Henne being one of the founding members had reanimated OBSCENITY from a cancerous-infiltrated corpse in a grimly beast. He met his old drummer Sascha, who wants to play the drums again… During this time he arranged nine demo-songs, which you can hear on ATROPHIED IN ANGUISH. Then Henne had contact with Jeff Tampa, Florida through Jeff’s wife. Jeff did the vocals on the demo material and after this Chris and Jörg were recruted in the band. After this we rehearse and arranged a new song together and change the arrangement for “Hysterical Illusion”. With these ten songs we went to Jörg at “Soundlodge” studio to record them.

Germany is famous for their BEER!!!! What is your favorite German beer and why?
Jörg likes Veltins, Krombacher and Becks, Jeff drinks all kinds of German beer, Henne only drinks beer which is bottled in green bottles, I like Krombacher and Sascha drinks Becks. Why… because it’s fucking delicious! Really German beer is allowed to be brewed as it should be without any silly restrictions on how it is fermented.

What’s up next for Obscenity?
After releasing ATROPHIED IN ANGUISH we want to play several good shows, perhaps little tourings…In autumn we will work on new material to record our next longplayer as soon as possible. At this moment we’re waiting for our actual merchandise what is printed right now.

Any final words of wisdom?
Of course ,man. Hey listen folks! Try to catch ur copy of AiA and get a fat slap of German Technical- Oldschool Death Metal in your face. Hope u enjoy it…. Stay obscene !

(Interview by Kenneth Morton)

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Apostasy Records Official Home Page


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