Oceans Ate Alaska at Chain Reaction

oceansatealaskasv1Oceans Ate Alaska, Chain Reaction, July 31, 2015

Oceans Ate Alaska is a metalcore band from the United Kingdom, formed in 2011. A year later the band signed to Density Records. In 2012 two EP’s were released with that same label. By 2014 Oceans then signed to Fearless Records. They were also featured on the latest release of Punk Goes Pop 6 with their cover of Drunk in Love by Beyonce. Also to mention that this is the band’s first time ever playing in the United States!

Considering that their first show ever in the US was at Chain Reaction a great choice, I can’t think of a better place for Oceans Ate Alaska to make their debut here in the States. Chain Reaction is always such a memorable place because it’s small and has a ton of energy from the crowd. I’m not sure if the venue ended up selling out or not but it was packed! They played a song called Clocks which was the first song I ever listened to by them, so having that being said, it was like a memory of coming across them at random on Youtube – but now it was in real life and it was such a spectacular moment!

Having a band come all the way to the US from the UK is something amazing too, they traveled all this way and made history this very night. A ton of songs were played and at the time I did not think of writing the setlist down, but throughout every single song there was participation, excitement, and everything for the band to be pleased with their performance. The crowd surfing got intense towards the last song. The songs that were performed were mainly off the album Lost Isles.

I should mention that James’s screams are absolutely amazing. James shared on Instagram that his dreams came true this very night, people from out of state including Japan came all this way to see them, he was overwhelmed with everything from every one knowing the lyrics and to signing tickets,merch, and body parts.

Be sure to catch Oceans Ate Alaska while they’re in North America from August all the way to December, you do not want to miss out!

(Review and Photo by Santos Velasco)

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