On The Prowl with Out Came The Wolves

octwwo1On The Prowl with Out Came The Wolves

Over the summer, band on the rise Out Came The Wolves made their way into the Los Angeles area, playing a show at White Oak Music & Arts in Van Nuys.  On tour at the time with Myka Relocate and Light Up The Sky, this would be Out Came The Wolves’ second cross country tour this year.  The big news was their recent signing to Roadrunner Records, and at press time, it was announced that their debut album Strange Fate would be released on October 28th.

Prior to their exhilarating opening set at the White Oak, we caught up with vocalist Cameron Burns and guitarist George Shrouder to find out more about the dynamic new collective ready to break through into the big leagues.  Read on as Highwire Daze goes on the prowl in the back patio of the White Oak with Out Came With Wolves

Introduce yourself and tell me what you do in Out Came The Wolves…
Cameron: Hello, my name is Cameron Burns and I’m the singer of OCTW.
George: I’m George, I play guitar and do all kinds of magical electronic things.

How has this tour with Myka Relocate and Light Up The Sky been going so far and what have been some of the highlights?
George: It’s been a lot of fun, because we’re really good friends with both bands so it’s been a lot more laid back than certain tours. Just a lot of fun, just hanging out with our friends. It’s been interesting, being a smaller band it’s only our second tour so we’re getting out there for the first time to a lot of these places. Even though we already did one tour, the majority of these fans have still never heard of us. It’s really getting us out there, that’s the highlight. Seeing the reaction by the end of the set when we started off the set where no one knew us.

octwwo2What’s the first thing you guys are going to do when you get home?
Cameron: He was lucky enough to be home already because he lives here in CA. The first thing I have planned is my bed. I’m going to lay down and sleep for days, weeks actually.
George: Well I got home yesterday and the first thing I got to do was install our rooftop air conditioner on our van, [laughs]. I had to do that really fast. So I guess it didn’t technically count as being home, but yeah first thing I want to do. Just eat a lot of real food. I’m definitely gonna push for steaks and stuff and then a lot of frozen yogurt dates. with my girlfriend.

Since our last interview, you guys have been signed to Roadrunner. How did that come about?
Cameron: Long story, they heard of us and found out and we got in contact and the rest is history. They’re super awesome to work with and I love being a part of the Roadrunner family.
George: The band got a lot of legitimate online press. They just caught on. They saw the potential in the band who could get hype on their own without any help from anyone else and thought, that’s where they should seek to invest in bands.

You’ve released two songs. “96” and “Queen Mary.” I think we talked about those songs in the last interview, so let’s talk about two other songs you’re playing. What inspired the lyrics?
Cameron: There’s a song we play live called “Baby Blue.” It’ll be on our upcoming album and I’m really stoked on it. It’s there for a hope for people who feel lost and down. I dealt with a lot of depression stuff when I was younger.
George: My favorite one is called “Bleed.” It’s kind of the best, most fun sing along song in the set just because it has a real simple, catchy chorus part where the whole crowd can get into it. The song isn’t released, but by the end of it everyone knows it. The message behind it is cool, the hook is, “would you bleed for me?” To me, I perceive it like, what you do in life, do something that you’d be willing to bleed for. Not literally, but, yeah I guess literally if it comes to that. That’s how I perceive it. If you’re going to do something in life, be willing to lose it all for it.

octwwo3How close are you guys to recording and releasing an EP or LP?
George: Theoretically very close.
Cameron: Very very close. We have a LP that’s ready to come out later in the fall. People are going to expect that, that’s all I got for you. Just know there is stuff there, it’s coming and we are proud of it.
George: The bullet’s in the chamber.
Cameron: The gun is ready to shoot.

George, you were on Warped Tour with Youth In Revolt last year. How would you compare Warped Tour to doing something like this?
George: This is a more intimate experience. It’s weird, the perception of Warped Tour. Like, when fans see that a band is on Warped Tour they instantly think so much more to you. My last band, when we were on Warped Tour we were literally 50x bigger than we ever were on a regular club tour. The fans just care so much more, not that doing these club tours isn’t awesome but the perception value where people see bands on Warped Tour as something really special. That’s how Warped Tour has become a staple of the scene, it’s like a right of passage. Hopefully, fingers crossed, with enough hard work we’ll be on that next summer. That’s our one year goal right now.

Cameron, how many tattoos do you have?
Cameron: I get that question every day and I should really figure out an answer for this question. I like to say just one, they all connect. They’re all touching. It’s hard for me to count and justify which is one tattoo. Do I count each finger or is that one tattoo? I just say one for now, but maybe I should count each one.
George: There are tattoos where there might have been one before.
Cameron: There’s tattoos over tattoos.

octwwo4And how old were you when you got your first tattoo?
Cameron: I got my first one when I was 15 in a basement and I highly suggest never to do that. I regret it and it was on my foot and I never show it. I was hooked since then and now, as you see, I got a lot. Everywhere, still going.

If OCTW could tour with anyone either now or from the past, who and why?
Cameron: Motley Crüe. The whole 80s rock thing, that’s like, so awesome to me. I wish we were a band in the 80s. We both agree on this.
George: If you’re ever in my bedroom you’ll see all my posters from when I was 16 of AC/DC, Metallica and Guns N Roses, that was everything. I still never took the posters down because I still like them. The whole classic hard rock scene is where it’s at for me. In modern day, realistic terms? Our theoretical dream tour would be Slipknot, Shinedown, 30 Seconds to Mars.
Cameron: MUSE would be sick.  Stuff like that. Korn. Now we’re just making a festival! We’re really into rock and roll and rock, stuff like that. So, we both can agree on what he said.

Now you’ve done two tours and you’ve toured with other bands. A lot of bands are doing their first tour of the summer. What advice would you give a new band about to go on the road?
George: I guess find someone named George who literally knows how to do everything from fixing any particular part of a car, because any part of a vehicle will break and tear. You really have to know knowledge of that. First off, never go on tour until your band is legitimately big enough for it to make sense. It’s great and wonderful and beautiful being on tour, but until your band is ready, there’s a good chance you’re going to fuck yourself over real hard. Yeah, you do gain a fanbase when getting out there but if you’re on your first tour and it’s a DIY kind of thing, you’re going to end up asking your parents for gas money and playing to four people a night. It’s cool, but at the same time, if you want the answer what’s the smartest way to go about it? Be patient, build yourself before you dive in. Once you do dive in, be very smart about everything. Get there early, don’t party hard and sleep in the same spot wake up at noon the next day and then have an eight hour drive. Be responsible, drive to the next city through the night, be there, be ready. Planet Fitness, memberships are $20 but you get partners so you split it with someone so it’s $10 and you can shower every day wherever you go.
Cameron: Have a routine. We wake up, go to Planet Fitness to take showers and go to the venue. We do the same thing every day. Be neat, I’m always folding my clothes making sure everything is in the same spot I left it so you’re not chaotic through the day like oh shit, where are my pants? Just be neat. Make a plan for each day. It’s really helpful.

Do you have any messages for people reading this now who should check your band out?
Cameron: If you like some good rock music check out OCTW because we’re here to stay.
George: The first time hearing about us? I don’t know man, just listen. Watch one music video, give it a chance.
Cameron: Open your mind to it. We’re a little different than a lot of stuff, but I like that. I like to be different. The future, we have a lot of stuff coming so stay around.
George: Whether you like it or not, you’re gonna hear a lot about us soon.
Cameron: We’re not going anywhere, might as well accept it!

Since this interview, Out Came The Wolves has hit the road again with Ice Nine Kills, including another local date at White Oak Music & Arts on September 25th and then Chain Reaction on September 26th.  Then it’s time for another epic tour adventure all across the nation in support of Our Last Night, featuring a stop at The Glass House in Pomona on November 5th!

(Interview and Photos by Ken Morton)

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