The Hair Nation Festival interviews with Aaron Samson of Odin

ODIN (1200x900)The Hair Nation Festival interviews with Aaron Samson of Odin

SiriusXM’s Hair Nation Festival is less than a month away, hitting Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre in Southern California on September 17th.  On the hard rockin’ bill and ready to shred your face with a heavy dose of the metal is the mighty Odin!   Infamously known for the appearance in the cult classic documentary The Decline of Western Civilization – The Metal Years, Odin is sure to ignite the Irvine Meadows stage in a vast and epic way!  At the Hair Nation Festival Press conference which took place at the legendary Rainbow Bar & Grill, we had the chance to chat with Odin bassist Aaron Samson to discuss their upcoming appearance at Hair Nation as well as their participation in the Decline film and a whole lot more!  Read on…

Introduce yourself and tell me what you do in Odin?
Hi, this is Aaron Samson and I am the bass player for the band Odin, who will be playing on September 17th at Irvine Meadows.

How did you get involved with the Hair Nation Festival?
We were approached by an agent and they made an offer and we took it.

That’s easy. What can one expect from your live show at Hair Nation?
The cool thing about ODIN at this show and all the shows, it’s all the original guys. It’s me, Randy O on vocals, Shawn Duncan drums, Jeff Duncan guitar. I think we’re the only band that actually is the original lineup, so when we get on stage you really do get that exact chemistry from back in the 80s when we were selling out The Roxy and Gazzarris. That chemistry is definitely apparent and I mean, as soon as we start playing you feel it. It’s just like, a trip. It really is. I think people will pick up on it.

How in the world do you keep a band together with the same members for all those years?
The band hasn’t really been playing that much. We just do select reunion shows, it’s really how we’ve been billing them. We played Monsters of Rock, that was a great show. We couldn’t say no to that. The cruise. Then we played The Whisky, we’ll headline there. They’re few and far between, mainly because of scheduling. Everybody else has other bands and we’re super busy. It’s more of that than really anything else.

g5pu_image004_1 (1)What do you remember the most about doing The Decline of Western Civilization – The Metal Years?
That was taped on a Sunday. I remember the gig Friday and Saturday before, we sold out Gazzarris Friday and Saturday in a row, headlining and I remember basically being up all weekend and then doing that interview in the tub.

What’s it like working with Penelope Spheeris?
Penelope was a total pro. I was just with her about a year or two ago. We did a retrospective at the LA Museum of Art, believe it or not on movie. There was a panel and I was hanging with Penelope and her daughter. She’s totally sharp as a tack, pro, obviously. I refer to that movie as The Decline of my Reputation. [laughs]

Are you surprised how much of a cult classic that movie has become?
I am surprised. I’ll tell you what, it’s like being in the mafia. You can never get out of it. It’s crazy. They were playing in on a 24 hour loop on the Monsters of Rock Cruise. On the jumbotron. And of course, it started getting aired a lot on VH1, then you start to see it on Netflix (I think). I remember a lot of people started seeing it and then they finally released it on DVD, recently. When that happened, there was a resurgence of people noticing the band.

Are there going to be any new Odin albums?
No. We’re just doing select shows. People approach us all the time and I would be into it, I just don’t see us having the time to do it. The last thing we did was years ago, 2007, we did a little 3 song EP thing just for the fans but that was just for fun. There’s some cool songs, and I know people dig it, other than that we’re not doing any new recordings.

Are you involved in any other bands outside of Odin?
Oh yeah, full time. I was actually touring with Bulletboys for a while covering for Chad for a month or so. I do that kind of stuff all the time. For example, Saturday night I’m playing with Queen Nation in Palm Desert, at a casino. A lot of tribute stuff, a lot of cover stuff. Pays really well, frankly.

(Interview and Photo by Ken Morton)

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