A Chat with Jeff Tuttle of Old Gods and Dillinger Escape Plan

Old Gods

When he’s not devastating the entire planet with Dillinger Escape Plan, guitarist Jeff Tuttle fronts an equally dynamic collective who goes by the name of Old Gods.  Looking to re-discover the meaning and roots of what hardcore music is all about, Old Gods has unleashed a self-titled EP that should really give the masses a grand idea of what stands out as a truly spirited musical genre.

In this interview, we discuss with Jeff Tuttle about the origins of Old Gods and their thunderous songs as well as current happenings with the mighty Dillinger Escape Plan.  So grab a place in the pit and check in as we commence on a chat with the ubiquitous Mr. Tuttle…

First of all, how did the Dillinger Escape Plan tour with Mastodon go, and what were some of the highlights?
The tour was amazing. The turnouts were great and the response even greater. In San Francisco, Mike Patton joined us on stage for “when good dogs do bad things.” later that evening, Jello Biafra and our bus driver shared stories about Wesley Willis till 4 AM. It was a pretty surreal night.

With DEP being so active, what made you decide to pursue Old Gods?
Any good artist will tell you that there is always more work to be done. I make music. That’s what i do. I’m also working on a few other projects as well. I’m pretty sure I will be this way till I die.

For those who haven’t heard it yet, how does Old Gods compare to your work in DEP?
OLD GODS is similar to DILLINGER in that we both draw a lot of influence from punk and hardcore. Stylistically, we may be different, but at the core we are very much alike. We all grew up in the same scene, albeit in different parts of the country, and we have forgotten our roots.

What inspired the lyrics on the Old Gods EP?
I love horror movies. Horror movies were a big inspiration for my lyrics, but more so in the sense that horror and hardcore seem to be kindred spirits. Both can be direct reflections of the darker side of human emotion and both get very little mainstream recognition. Many of the songs celebrate this relationship and delve deeper into my fascination with what is widely regarded as noise and filth.

Would Old Gods and DEP ever want to do a tour together and how would you would do performing in both bands on the same night?
In theory I would love to.  This goes back to my desire to always wanting to be creating and performing. DILLINGER has done two shows in one night many times and it always ends up with the second performance being greater than the first. Who knows? Maybe someday it will happen.

Jeff Tuttle of Old Gods - Photo Credit: Paul Kelley

How easy or difficult was it to transition into being a frontman for Old Gods?
My biggest fear about being a frontman was that I wouldn’t be interesting. When watching other bands perform, I get bored very easily and I have no desire to fall into that category. We’ll see what happens.

How has it been working with Derek Swanson from your former band Heads Will Roll and how did he become involved with Old Gods?
I actually was the one who got involved in his project. I was the final piece in the OLD GODS puzzle. Derek is a great dude and a great player. We’ve been throwing around the idea of making a movie for years. Let’s hope it actually happens.

Tell me about your contributions to Solid Dudes Kitchen and how good of a cook would your wife say that you are?
The SOLID DUDES KITCHEN stuff is always a great time. Those dudes do amazing work and I have no doubt that they will have a lot of success in their future. The dia de los muertos episode was a lot of fun. Getting into that black metal getup and writing those riffs had us laughing the whole day.  And I’m an excellent cook. Everyone knows that.

What advice would you give a band about to attempt to go on Warped Tour for the very first time?
WARPED TOUR is a shit load of fun, but it’s also pretty grueling for smaller bands. Bring lots of socks and water. You’re gonna need plenty.

Are you involved with any other projects outside of Old Gods and DEP?
I’ve been playing with my old old band, CAPTURE THE FLAG, again. We play melodic punk rock, but not that watered down, pseudo-pop bullshit that passes for music these days. Just good, guitar driven rock music. I’m also working on a record of my own music, which I hope to have completed by the end of the year. Its slow going so we’ll see how that goes. The songs have more of a classic rock vibe.  I grew up on that stuff so it’s in my blood.

Is there any chance of an Old Gods full length and tour in the near future?
We’re working on a full-length right now.  It’s going to be more conceptual than our last effort so it’s going to take a bit more time to materialize. Nevertheless, we are stoked on what we have so far.

What’s up next for DEP?
DILLINGER is heading to the UK to continue the MASTODON tour. After that we have the SOUNDWAVE festival in Australia and a few other off-the-beaten-path type of tour dates. We also hope to get a new record going soon.

Any final words of wisdom?

(Interview by Kenneth Morton)

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    Jeff Your kidding Me !!! You are a much better Musician than this.
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