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onehundredking1OneHundred by I Am King (Velocity / Rise Records)

From the collaborative team of Velocity and Rise Records, we’ve seen collectives such as A Loss For Words, Issues and Secrets unleashed upon the world at large. Their latest discovery is I Am King from the wilds of Allentown, PA – and judging by the thunderous reveries heard within the band’s debut full length OneHundred, it looks like the Velocity/Rise team has another big and glorious winner of their hands.

Offering a message of truth and hope throughout their spiraling compositions, I Am King is sure to reign supreme for all those who like their post hardcore sonnets driven with a good deal of heart and IAmkingpic3soul. Currently rampaging the country on this year’s edition of the Scream It Like You Mean It Tour, I Am King is positioned to take the entire nation by the storm.

OneHundred kicks off with the mighty refrains of Alpha, instantly grabbing the listener by the throat with its sheer intensity and vibrant choruses. “And though your mouth did smile, your eyes proclaimed, I could see through your heart, you didn’t feel the same,” the opening lyrics of Fallen reflect before exploding into a deeply heartfelt song that is absolutely devastating. The stark honesty continues with Movie Life, a breathtaking track whose insightful lyrics and intense soundscapes render this one a standout.

Ambition & Contrast certainly lives up to it’s title, with impassioned lyrics and thunderous breakdowns permeating throughout. A visit from Julia then commences, featuring stunning clean vocals and striking screamed passages that are thrilling to behold. Move Slow then pulsates through your speakers with its dazzling guitars and haunting keyboard underscore. “Come close because I know you feel the same” is the inviting chorus that weaves its magic through the powerful track.

She told me she loves me but she has someplace to go,” the lyrics begin in the explosive Crash, a tune which packs an emotional wallop. “Such potential wasted on a feeling chasing nothing,” Thrive then commences, a wistful cut showing I Am King at their most resourceful. Birth By Sleep sends you into a rocking state of sonic bliss while closing track Omega smashes into one’s psyche, leaving an indelible impression. “The price I paid was great indeed,” the vocals convey before the song launches into the stratosphere. A stunning grand finale that will leave the listener wanting to hear a whole lot more.

The impressive I Am King dynasty of musicians include Nate Newhard on vocals, Sam Sky on vocals, Justin Mitchell on guitar, Dan Artim on guitar, Jake Tacker on bass, and Tito Rivera on drums. OneHundred by I Am King is an extraordinary debut whose poignant lyrics and intensive melodies are destined to land this exciting new band into the ranks of genre royalty.

(Review by Ken Morton)

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