Only Regret The Summer at the Cobalt Café

Only Regret The Summer, Cobalt Café, January 13, 2012

Did anyone realize that it was Friday the 13th when Only Regret The Summer took to the stage in an opening slot for Set To Stun and Lions! Tigers! Bears!? The infamous date certainly didn’t seem to matter, as the luck of the draw had this Los Angeles based metalcore band performing to a packed house filled with enthusiastic fans. Angelinos rarely seem to find themselves excited about anything having to do with their local scene, so what a nice surprise it was to see an unsigned band really connecting with an audience through their music and live presentation.  Performing songs from their recently self-released Vera EP, Only Regret The Summer was filming a video, and they surely acquired some striking footage from the evening’s events.

Those who witnessed the show saw the Cobalt spin off the hook with heavy breakdowns, memorable sing-along choruses, and some pretty fiery pit action. Opening their set with the title track from the EP Vera, the crowd quickly gathered around the stage ready to see one of the L.A.’s fastest rising bands.

In addition to the songs from the EP, a new tune entitled Phillsoraptor was unleashed, clearly showing a band bent on progression and adding to their already impressive repertoire. The closing song Common Knowledge Amongst Elves was especially a crowd favorite, with members of the Cobalt crowd being invited to come up and perform the anthem-like lyrics “I’m so sick of disrespect, chivalry’s not fucking dead.” The moment was explosive – something one would witness for a much-revered out of town signed act yet graciously bestowed upon a promising young band from the City Of Angels who more than deserve it.

The dual vocal assault raging from Only Regret The Summer is impressive. Fabi Behnam handles the clean vocals with a dynamic sense of conviction and passion while John Lee screams with a fiery wild-eyed dedication. Both singers are highly charismatic and really reel the audience in with their collective performances. Adam Gendler and Garrett Winn unleash a sonic wall of sound with their precision guitar work. The combustible rhythm section is presented with ferocious intensity by bassist Ryan Krouse and drummer Stuart Wong. No regrets here – these guys are ready to be signed and are well worth checking into both within a live setting as well as in recorded format.

Labels such as Rise and Victory should take note of what Only Regret The Summer has to offer. Fans of We Came As Romans and The Word Alive might also want to investigate Only Regret The Summer as well and catch a band on the verge of breaking through. It will be exciting to see where Only Regret The Summer is headed in the seasons ahead.

(Review and Photos by Kenneth Morton)

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