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Based out of the ever-burgeoning Denver, CO music scene, Our Only Escape is beginning to make a name for themselves from the Rocky Mountains and well beyond. With influences ranging from New Found Glory to Underoath, the band manages a distinct sound that should attract fans of all styles of music. Highwire Daze decided to catch a rising star and see what Our Only Escape has to offer…

Introduce yourself, and tell me what you do in Our Only Escape.
Brant: Hey what’s up? My name is Brant and I sing for Our Only Escape.
Tyler: …& my name is Tyler and I play the bass in Our Only Escape.

What is your opinion of the music scene in Denver, and how does Our Only Escape fit into the scheme of things there?
Brant: I think the music scene in Denver has grown significantly in the past few years and is better now than ever. In my opinion, The Fray really opened up the door for Denver bands. Our Only Escape fits in somewhere between Red Rocks Amphitheatre, and Littleton, haha. I feel like our sound is edgy, but the fact that we don’t scream opens up a much bigger demographic as far as our fan base is concerned.

Describe your music someone who has never heard it before…
Tyler: It’s like a Rocky Mountain Avalanche got together with John Elway, & then a mountain lion got together with the ocean. If those two babies by some miracle of a chance met… and did it…. Then you would have Our Only Escape.

How close are you guys to releasing an EP and do you have a working title for it?
Brant: The band is actually going down to Houston TX to record 11/14-11/24. The tracks will be mixed and mastered at Full Sail in Florida. We are releasing a seven song EP around Christmas but no concrete ideas as far as a title yet.

Tell me about the three songs you have on your Myspace and what inspired you to write the lyrics…
Brant: Aftermath was the first song that we ever wrote. Its basically saying that yeah, a lot of crazy messed up things are going down on our planet right now with the natural disasters, and the economy… But if we all set aside our differences and pull together as human beings towards a collective cause, then we will make it through these tough times. The Right Time is about our band making the decision to take music seriously, and actively pursue this as a career now, not just a hobby. Through You is about seeing the world not only through your eyes, but through your mind and heart. It also references the floods, hurricanes, and tsunamis that have been happening around the globe, as well as the upcoming galactic alignment on 12/21/2012.

What is a live Our Only Escape show like for those who have yet to see you play?
Tyler: Our Only Escape rocks your socks for sure. We actually have a much harder, more intense sound live than we do on the demo.

What is the average age of the members of the band and are any of them still in high school or college?
Tyler: Well the youngest is our drummer Brian Caffrey. He just graduated high school and is 18 years old. Dakota and myself both just turned 21, and Brant is the gramps at 23.

Have you ever played outside of Denver and/or do you plan to tour in the future?
Tyler: We have played outside of Denver, but we haven’t played outside of Colorado. We actually just got together this February so the band is pretty new. As far as tours, we have a show in Denver on 11/08, and then it’s down through Colorado springs, Flagstaff AZ, Phoenix AZ, El Paso Texas, then Houston TX to start work on the EP.

What is the significance of the 2012 Divine Intervention on your Myspace? Are you referring to the upcoming movie?
Brant: It is referencing the upcoming galactic alignment that is happening on 12/21/2012. It occurs once every 26,000 years when the sun aligns with the center of the Milky Way galaxy. I have been particularly interested in 2012 for about 5 years now, but I am still definitely going to check out that movie.

Our Creator is listed as one of your influences. Do you categorize Our Only Escape to be a Christian band?
Brant: I’d have to say that Our Only Escape acknowledges and respects all religions worldwide. People often allow their particular religion to separate themselves from anything that’s different. As long as you believe in a higher power, put others before yourself, and love unconditionally then you are cool with us!

How supportive are your parents towards the band?
Brant: Well my parents and Tyler’s parents are super cool about the band and are very supportive. Cody’s parents are slowly coming around. Brian’s parents let us practice in their basement all the time, but they have no faith in Our Only Escape making it big. I see it as more motivation for us to try as hard as we can.

Do you have any messages for people reading this interview who would like to check your band out?
Brant: Yeah Definitely go check out the Myspace page at! Also we are available for download on Itunes,, Rhapsody, Napster, and Limewire store. Thanks so much to anyone who downloads our music and for reppin those OOE tracks! Also, thank you Ken for a great interview.

The members of Our Only Escape are Brant Falliaux on vocals, Dakota Thomas on guitars and vocals, Tyler Hutton on bass, and Brian Caffrey on drums.    (Interview by Kenneth Morton)

Our Only Escape on Myspace


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