The Monster Energy Outbreak Tour at Club Nokia

Throw The Fight

Throw The Fight

The Monster Energy Outbreak Tour, Club Nokia, September 28, 2013

Throw The Fight
As an opening band for a tour with such big names on it, it is often hard to get the crowd excited for you when they might not have a clue who you are. Throw The Fight however, was very different, when the lights turned off; there wasn’t a moment of silence. Right away the crowd was chanting “Throw The Fight”, as the band came on stage and began their very energetic opening track, and the night was off to a great start.

Vocalist James Clark was all over the stage singing to each member in the crowd. I was rather shocked that an opening act had such an exceptional crowd reaction. The band’s sound was a unique mixture of hard rock, metal with extremely catchy choruses. Everyone was singing along by the second verse. The band (consisting of Ryan Baustert – guitar, Jonathan Sutton – guitar / vocals, Kyle Glidden – bass / vocals, and Jeff Baustert – drums) was one of the tightest and well formed musicians I have seen in a long time. Every song was played to a T and I honestly couldn’t have asked for more in an opening act. I was very pleased to see an act that was so talented and could get that much of a crowd reaction just in the first minutes of the show. I will definitely be catching these guys on their next time out here.

Stars In Stereo

Stars In Stereo

Stars In Stereo
As I was watching the set up of this band I was a little bit nervous at first. The drum set, which is normally in the middle of the stage, was all the way to stage right, and the entire stage from left to right had huge TV screens that looked like amplifiers. I didn’t really understand the dynamic of this band until they came on. When the first song kicked in it was a fast paced metal type riff that was played by Jordan McGraw – guitar, Drew Langan – drums, and Frogs McCormack – bass, and it was sure to get the crowd jumping and ready to have a good time.

As the band started their first song after the intro, “Night By Night” lead singer Becca Hollcraft came out and started off with some belting lyrics. Their entire set was consumed with high energy hard rock songs and at one point, the vocalist played rhythm guitar for two songs, which was very cool. She was sure to make sure everyone in the crowd was involved with their set including the security guards in the photo pit! The giant TV screens played out to be a very visually pleasing show all in itself! It was one big light show that was completely in sync with what the band was playing! I must say I was thoroughly impressed with this band and I would recommend them to anybody that likes a good hard rock band.

Black Veil Brides

Black Veil Brides

Black Veil Brides
The very notorious Black Veil Brides was also on the bill. They were a very high energetic rock band that reminded me a lot of 1980’s acts such as Mötley Crüe and Poison. Although not playing a song of their first album “We Stitch These Wounds” they had a very powerful set that included hit song “Fallen Angels” and “In The End” I was very happy with their set and cannot wait to catch it again in the future.

Bullet For My Valentine
As a long time fan of Bullet For My Valentine, I was extremely excited to see them live for the first time. Before the band went on, they lowered the lights and played one of their biggest influences, Slayer’s “Raining Blood”. This proved to be a huge success when it came to getting the crowd energized and ready to hear some heavy metal. Opening up with the first track “Breaking Point” off of their newest release “Temper Temper” vocalist Matt Tuck took this opportunity to stray from his normal duty of playing guitar and singing to just singing and working the crowd from left to right. After the first two songs he took his role back of playing guitar along with other guitarist Michael “Padge” Paget, bass player Jason James, and srummer Michael “Moose” Thomas.

Bullet For My Valentine

Bullet For My Valentine

Playing their hit songs and crowd favorites such as “Waking The Demon” and “Your Betrayal” the band was just as tight as ever. The vocals by Matt sounded better than ever. I was a bit nervous about his singing abilities due to the many throat issues he suffered a few years back but he proved that he was perfectly fine and ready to keep going.

The crowd had a mixture of singing, moshing, and jumping and Bullet For My Valentine proved to be a monster of a band. Using their own lights for their set, the very bright light show added to the strong impact that the band’s songs left everyone feeling. When Bullet For My Valentine went offstage before their encore to let everyone chant “one more song” guitar player “Padge” Paget came out and did a ripping guitar solo that was sure to ignite and inspire a lot of people including myself to pick up the guitar and start playing. When he walked off stage, the crowd was chanting for the most anticipated song of the night “Tears Don’t Fall” of their 2005 release “Poison”. With the crowd going as crazy as ever, they came out on stage and concluded the night with the hit, which sent everyone into a huge frenzy of singing and moshing.

In the end, I was extremely pleased. I’ve been listening to this band for years and I left the venue with a strong feeling of satisfaction. Its rare that you see a group that has so much talent and is able to show that talent as well as be the monster of a band onstage as they are offstage.

(Review and Photos by Edward Brandon)

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  1. Dave B 5 years ago

    Great photos and review Edward. I need to go check them out!


  2. TKM 5 years ago

    Awesome reviews and pictures. Wish I could have been at the concert!

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