OUTLIERS Debut first album ‘What We Never Knew’

outliersnews1_400xDebut Album What We Never Knew is now on itunes!

Outliers is a punk rock band from Dallas, Texas. The band started in November of 2012 as a solo project for vocalist Cade Garrett, who is only 17 years old. He has been playing the Dallas music scene since he was 14, with previous bands. Cade started writing for Outliers with a series of songs about his life and decided to make an EP entitling it “What We Never Knew“. The EP is available now on itunes.

The first single from the album entitled “Left to Let it Go“, received positive reviews when it first launched on Absolute Punk last month. The entire album is now streaming on the front page of Idobi Radio.

outliersep1What We Never Knew”, is what Cade describes as his “ongoing struggle with realizing change can be the only solution to some of our own personal faults”. John Roberts, who is a former intern for producer John Feldman, produced and mixed the EP.

What We Never Knew is just the start for Outliers, Cade is currently writing the first full-length album as a follow up.

Outliers have already opened up for bands such as HandGuns, Forever the Sickest Kids, Artist vs. Poet, Avion Roe, and Bowling for Soup. These shows have already happened without even releasing the first album, which could be a great sign for the future of the band. New shows and future tours are currently being discussed.

Take a listen at https://soundcloud.com/outliersep/sets/outliers-what-we-never-knew-ep

The itunes link to buy it is https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/what-we-never-knew-ep/id796176990

Twitter: @OutliersTx

Facebook: Facebook.com/OutliersTx


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