Out With The Old: Going Warped Punk Pop Style

outwiththeoldmatt1Out With The Old: Going Warped Punk Pop Style

On Day One of the Vans Warped Tour 2015, Out With The Old from Riverside found themselves on the Ernie Ball stage, playing their hearts out in triple digit degree heat in the wilds of Pomona, California.  A winner of the local Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands competition, Out With The Old surely gained a good deal of new fans with their exhilarating pop punk anthems.  There were also a lot of locals singing along to the words of each and every song.  Right after their set, we caught up with front man Matt Skajem to find out more about this dynamic band on the rise headed straight into the big leagues.  Read on…

Introduce yourself, tell me how long you guys have been together.
Alright, My name is Matt. I sing in this band called Out With the Old. We’ve been together about a year. We’re out here at Warped Tour right now 2015 in Pomona.

Where is your band based out of and what’s your local music scene like there?
We’re based out of a place called Riverside which is 30 minutes from Pomona in Southern California. I mean the scene’s all over I mean we get a little bit of the San Diego scene, a little bit of the LA scene. It’s basically a lot of hardcore bands. You know punk bands from Riverside are very very hard to come by. It’s like us and another band called Gravler.  We are really like the only ones making any headway from Riverside. But I mean there’s bands like the SoCal scene in general that is just like strong and there’s bands like Scarlett Avenue, and It All Starts Here.

How did you wind up on the Ernie Ball Stage?
We entered a contest online called the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands. And from there a bunch of our fans had to vote, and basically our fans are a lot better than everyone else’s. And they a lot and they asked us if we wanted to play today. And who would say no? You know, I mean we were up on the Ernie Ball stage today. And it was a hell of a time. It was crazy.

outwiththeoldmatt3So what’s that experience like, going up to the Ernie Ball Stage about to play Warped Tour?
Like before, I went on and I was honestly really nervous. I have never been nervous on a set before. Today was just like this whole new level. New eyes watching us. Like bigger important eyes watching us. There was just like a lot of stuff happening. And it’s like all this stuff is finally coming together. It was really overwhelming but at the same time it was the most exhilarating thing. EVER. To be able to look out and see that there were actually kids there. And that they wanted to see you out of all these hundreds of other bands. It was really surreal. That’s the best way that I could describe it.

Describe your set to someone who might have missed it today.
If you missed our set it was basically this high end extravaganza. Like I mean like with every show we just try to give out our 100%. We take every show that we play seriously, whether its 10 people or 5 people or its like 100 to 200 or whatever. We try to always put on the same performance of absolutely insane crazy every time. I mean if you missed us today, what you missed was a lot of jumping, a lot of sweating, An overall good time.

Select two songs you’ve played in your set – what inspired the lyrics?
I’m going to pick “Long Drives Home” because there’s a reference to Warped Tour in it. I met a girl last summer in Ventura at Warped Tour. So that song, the lyrics are based around her and our relationship and how it kind of fell through. That’s what most of our songs are about. “Of Love and Lies” is a song about – I had just smoked a lot of weed and wrote down everything I hate about myself and then turned it into a song. That’s where that one came from. I don’t know, man. All of our lyrics are about essentially the same thing but they all branch out. Those are the two most interesting stories.

Any strange or scary happenings while at a show?
Well, more on tour. I was on the Almost Famous tour with some friends of mine called The Resolution. When I was driving, I almost hit a deer – that was scary. We try to keep everything as chill as possible. We do a bunch of crazy stuff, but at the same time when you hang out with us everyone knows – it’s a chill vibe. All of our fans are really cool. No one is really creepy, which is great. It’s a good thing not to have to worry about it.

outwiththeold5If your band could open up for any band, either now or from the past, who would it be and why?
Dude, there’s two bands for me. Panic At The Disco, because they’re really what got me into Rock n Roll music. I’m young, I’m only 20 and Panic At The Disco they came out when I was 10 and have been my favorite band since then. It’d be that one epitome of, just damn. I made it kind of thing. And I’d love to open for Queen or The Beatles. That’d be insane. It’d be weird, we wouldn’t fit in but you just can’t touch musical greatness. And to be able to open up for musical greatness would be insane.

What’s up next for your band, what’s in the future?
As a lot of people know we’re in the studio right now working on a full length. We’re going to be shopping it around to some labels, so hopefully someone picks it up. But coming up, in the fall and in September we’re going to be doing some tours. We’re going to try and finish out the rest of the summer by writing the record, so we’ll take most of July to just write. Maybe do some local shows, we’re going up to Seattle and doing some west coast stuff. We’ll be on the road so everyone can come out and see us but we’ll also be releasing a lot of new material. We’ll be putting out two sampler EPs for our full length record – those will be coming out real soon. We’ll just keep the ball rolling. Keep pushing on.

Any messages for people who are reading this who should check out your band?
Check us out, if you like high energy pop punk or old school pop punk you haven’t heard in a while, check us out. We bring something new to the table as well as bringing that familiar sound that everyone likes. We have something for everybody and to anyone who has checked us out, thank you for your support. It honestly – we’ve been a band for a year and to see how far we’ve come within that year, playing a day of Warped Tour is absolutely insane.

Members: Christian VanBuskirk – Guitar, Eli Martinez – Guitar/Backing Vocals, Matt Skajem – Vocals

(Interview and Candid Photo by Ken Morton – Live Photos by Jack Lue)

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