No Reserves. No Retreats. No Regrets. by Overcome (Facedown Records)

The first big release of 2013 for Facedown Records is from the mighty Overcome based out of Phoenix, Arizona. Overcome has the distinction of being the first band ever signed to the Christian hardcore label in 1997, and both entities remains as influential and dynamic as ever. Overcome made an epic comeback after a decade of near silence with their hard-hitting The Great Campaign Of Sabotage in 2011 – and now with the fiery No Reserves. No Retreats. No Regrets., the collective continues to demonstrate a passion and urgency within their music that is staggering to behold. The 7 tracks contained within will surely grab the listener by throat and send them reeling fearlessly into the mosh pit.

The disc slams into sonic overdrive immediately with the relentless strains of Verum, a powerful testament to faith that is spiraling in scope. “How shall we who died to sin, continue to live in its stench?” is the opening question spewed forth on the massively heavy Spirit and Flesh – the second powerhouse cut on the EP .

Travail is a song about finding rest and peace in faith, and its musical delivery is definitely a shock to the system with thrash and metal carnage penetrating the skull. Indwelling definitely reminds the listener of the band’s legendary (albeit short lived) underground project of the same name – where the darkest and intensive of metal soundscapes clash wondrously with the spiritual based lyrical content.

The title cut No Reserves. No Retreats. No Regrets. is up next, with super impassioned vocals and a rhythm section that is a grand assault to the senses. Animate The Lifeless then pummels the listener with its compelling message of resurrection and redemption. And then closing the EP out is a vibrant piece of ferocity entitled Depredation Of The Cherished, with its devastation final message “His justice will be done,” reverberating as a magnificent promise fulfilled.

No Reserves. No Retreats. No Regrets. was produced with expert precision by Andrew Glover at Sound Temple Studios – whose own credits include the likes of Sleeping Giant and Winds Of Plague. The Overcome lineup remains as exciting as ever, featuring the participation of Jason Stinson on guitar and vocals, Jason Bowen on bass, Jon Strunk on drums, Thomas Washington on vocals, and Steven Cosand on guitars. One of the pioneer bands of the Christian hardcore scene, Overcome continues to clearly demonstrate why they are one of the most respected and revered bands of today.  Expect Overcome to continue to inspired new and older fans alike for another generation…

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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