Back at the formation of Facedown Records in 1997, one of the first bands to be signed to the label was Overcome, a dynamic hardcore act out of Phoenix. After some very well received recordings and countless live shows, Overcome would eventually disband, with a few of the members turning up in the truly underground (albeit short lived) death metal sensation known as Indwelling. And now in 2011, both Overcome and Facedown are commemorating important career milestones. The reformation of this influential act has resulted in a brand new album entitled The Great Campaign Of Sabotage, which is also release number 100 for the venerable Facedown family. And judging by what’s heard on the album, there is a good deal to celebrate with the two entities collaborating once again.

After an acoustic Intro, the disc slams into sonic overdrive with Reverence II, where Overcome instantly reclaim their place as one of the very best hardcore bands on the planet. The metal guitar riffs and potent breakdowns never let up, and the lyrical content remains as powerful as ever. Songs such as Body Of Death and Alone In The Crowd demonstrate a sense of passion and urgency that should resonate throughout the hearts of even the most jaded of listener.

The Breathe Of He Who Kills is spiraling and intensive, a standout cut guaranteed to create monster pits of destruction when performed all across the nation. Lifting The Weak is another top-notch track, where the ferocious rhythms and inspiring lyrics make one want to take on the world.

Campaign Of Sabotage shows just how thrilling and innovative the Overcome experience can be, with a haunting, melodic reverie of sound closing out the final moments of the disc.

With The Great Campaign Of Sabotage, Overcome returns to the scene with an all-out vengeance. The faith-based lyrics give the listener a good deal to contemplate, and the metallic hardcore soundtrack is as gripping and vital as ever. Overcome has been stressing this is not a reunion, but a return to form as a full time band – and what a grand and glorious comeback it is! Play this one loud and follow the words for maximum impact!

The Overcome 2011 lineup consists of Jason Stinson on guitar, Jason Bowen on bass, Jon Strunk on drums, Thomas Washington on vocals, and Nick Greenwood on guitars and effects.   A brave new beginning – one that is sure to win over their older fans as well as a whole new generation of hardcore enthusiasts.  Welcome back Overcome and many congrats to Facedown for making the big 100!

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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