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Pedestals by From Atlantis (InVogue Records)

After a pair of promising EP’s that brought the Rhode Island based collective a good deal of attention, From Atlantis charges back into the arena fully loaded with the mighty Pedestals. Their debut full-length effort on InVogue Records, Pedestals is a gigantic step forward, showing a band willing to push themselves well beyond what’s normally expected within the overcrowded metalcore genre. There are breakdowns galore to be found within Pedestals, but there are also moments of sheer musical integrity and imagination that will surely captivate even the most critical of listener.

The spiraling wall of sound commences immediately with Visions, a spellbinding track, clearing showing that From Atlantis means serious business. The Lost One then blasts through your speakers with an all-out sonic intensity. The title cut Pedestals is explosive and memorable, with its glorious keyboard meanderings weaving artistically through the heavy soundscapes.

Where It All Went Wrong is a powerful cut with potent lyrics and devastating musical interludes – definitely one of the most effective tracks on the album. This Ones For You sends the disc into a frenzy with its ferocious reverberations, followed by the slamming sounds of the remarkable tight Mammon.

Stay Strong is an inspiring track that will make you want to take on the world, and is destined to be a fan favorite when performed live. Sink Fast is dramatic and persuasive, with its super impassioned vocals and marvelous choruses.

The real surprise on Pedestals is the emotional Limitless, a somber ballad featuring an extremely moving clean vocal performance that will tug at the heartstrings. But the metal is kicked back into supersonic gear with the mighty Disease – “How can you live like this with no way out?” the vocals scream with a compelling sense of urgency. A powerful conclusion that will surely leave an indelible impression.

The From Atlantis lineup for Pedestals really placed a good deal of heart and drive into the recordings. Nick Mames presents a combustible lead vocal presentation that is nothing short of mesmerzing. Nicholas Merigan really shines through on guitar and vocals.  Zach Lemieux also makes an impact on guitar while Tyler Fauxbel handles the potent low end on bass. And although these members have departed from the band, Mike Florio is absolutely inspired on keyboards and Thomas Kyle Crosby slams it all home with a vengeance on drums. (Since the recording of the album, Kirby Hurst as joined the band on drums.) The superb production work is courtesy of Nick Ingram at Capital House Studios. Pedestals is definitely the type of album that takes a band straight to the top, and should instantly appeal to fans of bands such as The Devil Wears Prada and The Word Alive. Expect to hear a lot more from these guys in the months ahead.

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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