Pilgrimz Begins Recording New Album

Pilgrimz is currently recording its second album at Dead Rat and Antfarm Studios with Jacob Bredahl (ex-HateSphere) at the helm. The album will be the successor to the Boar Riders album from 2008 released through I Scream Records. Pilgrimz is currently in-between labels but expect an summer or autumn release!

Photo by: Anis Dhiman

Vocalist Max Christensen comments:
“We knew that our sound had changed a lot before we went into the studio. We’ve gone from hardcore with a twist of rock n ‘roll – to rock n’ roll with a twist of hardcore. It was a guideline we all agreed upon as we felt that we had grown in our expression since the debut album. It was harder to emotionally decipher our own guitar riffs and why should it all be so complex with the recording of Boar Riders? “Just play 3-4 chords that rock and we’ll take it from there!” it came from our guitarist after the first new-album-rehearsal one year ago … Simplicity has been the backbone of the new album – no voc-align/autotunes plug-ins, and no cheating in the production. It should be as vivid as possible and with the imperfections that naturally occur in the studio. Therefore, the choice of producer fell on Jacob Brehdal who despises overproduced bands. He is also an opponent of beat-detective that many metal bands frequently use …

The new album will be much more in-your-face, dirty, and honest. And many of the tracks features new developments in the form of strings, girl choir and dirty guitar solos etc. We read in a newpaper that guitarist Jacob Binzer from the legendary D-A-D was crazy about our music, so we asked him to guest on a track and luckily he said yes. Furthermore, we have Mort Harder from The Defectors on guest vocal, which helps to refine our expression even more! “



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