The Ultimate Jam Night Interviews with P.J. Farley of Trixter

P.J. Farley of Trixter at Ultimate Jam Night 77

P.J. Farley of Trixter at Ultimate Jam Night 77

The Ultimate Jam Night Interviews with P.J. Farley of Trixter

It was time for Ultimate Jam Night 77, and this week’s theme would be That 70’s Jam.  One of the guest musicians making an appearance at the show was be P.J. Farley, the bassist of Trixter – in town to shoot a video for a song off his recently issued solo album Boutique Sound Frames.  Farley performed thumpin’ bass on a blasting rendition of the classic Deuce by the almighty rock and roll icons KISS and would later participate in a captivation cover of Superfreak by the one and only Rick James!

We caught up with P.J. Farley backstage at The Whisky just prior to the commencement of Ultimate Jam Night 77 to find out more about the current going ons of Trixter, his solo album, particapating in That 70’s Jam, and a whole lot more…

How did you involved in Ultimate Jam Night and how many Jam Nights have you played?
This is my second. We did it last year with Lucky Strike. We were friends with Paulie Z, Matt Starr and Chuck Wright – with the whole family, basically. I’m out here to do a video for my solo record, and I’m coming out on a Tuesday. Let me get in touch with the boys. Come up and play some tunes while I’m out. So, here I am.

What can one expect from your performance tonight?
Hopefully some of the right notes. Maybe I’ll hopefully not fall off the stage. Probably a good time, maybe some jokes.

Boutique Sound Frames, is there any story or concept behind the title of your solo record?
The title came to me because, music in my mind is a picture in your brain that’s framed in music. The Sound Frame thing just came to mind, and the word Boutique I put in there because, I think nowadays releasing a record is such a boutique item. The CD, a physical copy, people are going to pick it up and go, what is this boutique item? Apparently you put it into a disc player and it plays music…

How does your solo work compare to what you’ve done before with Trixter?
It’s a little bit different in a sense that it’s all me for one. So it’s more introspective, it’s a little tamer I would say. It’s still a rock record, but it’s not a backyard party record. It’s a rock record. Just a little bit different.

P.J. Farley of Trixter with Monte Pittman of Prong and Madonna and Eric McFadden from George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic All Stars at Ultimate Jam Night 77

P.J. Farley of Trixter with Monte Pittman of Prong and Madonna and Eric McFadden from George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic All Stars at Ultimate Jam Night 77

Select two songs from the solo album and what inspired the lyrics.
The first single is called “You’d Stick Out.” It’s a song I wrote for my wife. That’s pretty self explanatory. The song I’m doing the video for tomorrow, “The Fallen.” It was a song about suicide. Keep it nice and light. Told you it wasn’t a backyard party record. It’s a fun rock song, believe it or not.

Will we see you doing any solo shows?
I’m gonna do some shows next month, actually. I got one in jersey, one in Wisconsin, Illinois, New York City coming up I think here in LA in January, I think. Starting to come in.

What’s going on with Trixter right now?
Doing our usual weekend warrior stuff. Actually going to the UK next month for the first time and then we’re doing a couple of more shows left until the end of the year. A few with Bret Michaels and RATT. Doing a lot of package stuff that we normally do. So, the usual.

Any new music on the horizon for Trixter?
No, not yet. Our last record just came out last year so, for a band like us, we’ll probably try to ride that for a little while. We released two full length original records in the last four years. For a band like us, it’s saying something. [laughs]

What’s up for next for you in your career, any other projects?
Right now, now that summer’s over and Trixter is really busy I’m starting to just focus on the solo record now. Do this video, start some new shows and ya know, see how much fun that is. It’ll be something different for me, singing and playing guitar. Leading the band, so, it’ll be fun.

What are your memories of last year at Cathouse?
Heat Stroke. Literally, I got heat stroke. I woke up in the middle of the night shaking like it was an earthquake. I couldn’t even walk to the bathroom I was so dehydrated. I didn’t even drink. I drank just water that day, so yeah, go figure.

Any messages for Trixter fans that are reading this now?
Just keep an eye on us. Go to and on Twitter, Facebook, the usual social media places and you can also go to my website, and you can get physical copies of my CD there or on iTunes. We’re always out and about, we’re always doing other things too. Steve’s been doing some other stuff with some smaller bands like Def Leppard, and, he’s been doing some shows with Joe Lynn Turner. We’re always out and about. You never know who one of us will wind up with. We love to play with other people, so, phone rings we come out. Any chance we get. That’s why I’m here tonight. We just love to get up and play.


Thank you to Lisa Woodard and Ultimate Jam Night for setting up this interview.  Be sure to check out Ultimate Jam Night every Tuesday at the world famous Whisky A Go Go on the Sunset Strip!

(Interview by Ken Morton – Photos by Jack Lue)

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