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Nothing To Something by Plug In Stereo (Triple Crown Records)

Within the onslaught of Never Shout Never type of bands over saturating the web pages of Itunes and Facebook, it is easy for a genuine article like Plug In Stereo to get lost in the process. 18-year-old Trevor Dahl is the mastermind behind Plug In Stereo, and he appears to be more influenced by the likes of John Mayer and Taylor Swift – two artists who have proven their talent and staying power beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Dahl is a highly effective singer / songwriter – a multi instrumentalist who possesses a fine knack for writing a catchy pop song. His debut album for Triple Crown Records, Nothing To Something, features 11 tracks guaranteed to make an impression on even the most discerning of music listener.

The disc kicks off on a chill yet thoughtful note with Plans, a perfect introduction to a very likable artist on the rise. Next up is the romantic Oh Darling, a duet featuring another terrific up and coming artist named Cady Groves on co-vocals. Together is wistful and hopeful, and is sure to find favor in the hearts of many.

Hopefully is introspective with its gentle acoustic meanderings and introspective lyrical content. Rackets is a blissful sounding track juxtaposed by some cautiously optimistic lyricism. Lately has a swirling banjo and xylophone found within the mix, rendering this song a standout.

The title track Nothing To Something is up next, a wonderful empowering track about believing in oneself that many of Dahl’s fans will be able to relate with. Y-O-Y may have birds chirping away in the background, but the song turns out to be a reflective observation of life through the eyes of a gifted artist. A Love Like Mine is absolutely infectious, featuring an old piano underscore and a bright and cheery refrain that will remain in your head for ages.

The last two tracks on Nothing To Something are also the most powerful – showing Trevor Dahl at the very height of his songwriting prowess. What Goes Around is all about rising above all of the negative people in one’s life, and it definitely packs a punch to whomever Dahl is referring to in the song. And closing out the album is the extremely poignant Thursday, about the passing of a parent that is sure to impact those who will be able to relate to its profoundly moving tributes.

An impressive debut from an artist we’ll be hearing a lot more of in future days, Nothing To Something by Plug In Stereo is a richly rewarding musical experience. If Trevor Dahl writes songs this impressive and relatable at only 18, it will surely be exciting to see what he comes up with throughout the years. The young fans of Never Shout Never are sure to respond in kind to Plug In Stereo, and so will others who find timeless inspiration from a litany of truly talented acoustic artists.

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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  1. indymusic 8 years ago

    Great album! And great review!

  2. Geoff Ames 8 years ago

    This is a great review for a deserving young artist like Trevor. His music spans the generational divide being enjoyed by all. I can’t wait to hear his next album.

  3. Catherine 8 years ago

    This is a great album for anybody interested in to the singer-songwriter type of music; Trevor has an amazing voice and puts it to good use with these very relate-able songs. As a 17-year old, his story is very inspiring! 🙂 For a first album, I believe he has a great start and can’t wait to hear more!

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