The Hair Nation Festival Interviews with Pretty Boy Floyd

Steve Summers and JK Famous of Pretty Boy Floyd

Steve Summers and JK Famous of Pretty Boy Floyd

The Hair Nation Festival Interviews with Pretty Boy Floyd

As Hair Nation Festival at Irvine Meadows quickly approaches, one of the band’s ready to present their own trademark brand of kick ass Sunset Strip rock and roll at the event is the one and only Pretty Boy Floyd.  Known for the classic albums such as Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz and Porn Stars, Pretty Boy Floyd is sure to bring on the big hair and ferocious glam tunes in an epic way!

We caught up with two of the Pretty Boy Floyd members at the Hair Nation Festival Press Conference which took place at the Rainbow Bar and Grill in mid-September.  Read on as we discuss their upcoming appearance at Hair Nation, their days and nights on the Sunset Strip in the late 80’s/early 90’s, news of an upcoming album, and other hard rockin’ topics of intrigue…

Introduce yourself and tell me what you do in Pretty Boy Floyd.
Steve: Steve Summers. Vocalist.
JK: JK Famous, bass player.

How did you guys become involved with Hair Nation?
Steve: We did the Cathouse one last year and killed it. So I guess they asked us to come back and since we’re one of the only few bands that are still rocking it big hair glam style, they gotta ask us. We kicked ass last year and they invited us back this year.

Steve Summers and JK Famous of Pretty Boy Floyd with Lita Ford, Eddie Trunk and more!

Steve Summers and JK Famous of Pretty Boy Floyd with Lita Ford, Eddie Trunk and more!

What was it like playing in over 100 degree heat?
Steve: Well, you know the excitement of the crowd was so electrifying, we almost didn’t know it was 110 degrees until the third song hit.
JK: It is what it is. Whether it’s hot or cold or freezing, we just get up there and do our thing. Yeah, is it hot? Fuck yeah. It is what it is.
Steve: Once you travel, once you’ve been in the snow. Once you’re this or that, a hot day outside rocking is like nothing.  I actually tell people to stop saying that already, we get it. It’s hot. But we’re gonna go out there and rock. What was the weather at the US Festival? 70? I don’t know. It was what it was. I mean, if we’re talking about having a three hour set, I might give you a different answer but for 6-8 songs it was great.

For this particular festival, what are you looking forward to the most?
Steve: We’re excited to see some other bands. We think the lineup is great and we can’t wait –
JK: We keep trying to top ourselves. The last time we came out, we hit it hard, kicked ass and we’re gonna do it even harder this time. We’re just trying to fight to do bigger and better.
Steve: Last year was great. Great response, even if we were on the second stage or whatever. We had a huge crowd. I think this time we play before LA Guns with Tracii and Phil so it should be an even bigger crowd before them and us, etc. We can’t wait. Can’t wait to see the fans and all the stuff.

g5pu_image004_1 (1)What was the very first headline show that you played here in Hollywood and what was it like?
Steve: In Hollywood it was actually The Whisky. The first time we ever played Hollywood, we did a headline show at The Whisky. Our first show was at The Country Club with Keel. So that was 1 and then our second one was at The Roxy with Sweet Savage. By that time, we were already becoming the biggest draw or the biggest hype or whatever. Then we headlined The Whisky. Our first headline show was The Whisky, our third show. Then from there it just went lightning. Headline show, Gazzarri’s a headline show at The Roxy and by the eight show we were signed.

Some of these clubs you’ve mentioned, they’re long gone. So you still play out here in Hollywood today. Compare the scene today to what it was way back .
Steve: Well, there’s not a scene. The bottom line is from the late 70s until 1990, it was – you’d go out on the Strip and it’s all hair metal, big hair with the girls and people passing out flyers and all the bands from Warrant to LA Guns to this to that. Now there’s just shows.
JK: Nothing else like it, ever.

There will never be anything like it again.
JK: To be in your 20s and to be part of the scene, it was magical. It was great.

I remember when everyone passed out flyers just right out there, but I didn’t really get into it until the early 90s and by then it was dying.
Steve: We had some of our last shows on the Sunset Strip. Still selling them out in 1991, 1992 and stuff. But definitely, it changed. We all know that it changed. We were one of the last bands that got signed off the Strip, kind of, after Warrant and Faster Pussycat. We were one of the last ones that had that kind of draw.

That KISS cover album. What inspired you to do that and have any members of KISS heard it?
Steve: We love KISS. And we all picked songs that we liked, so it was a fun kind of thing to do and it was actually just in between getting our new record deal and touring. We were just like, let’s do a KISS tribute record. If they heard it or not, I don’t know. We’ve had a good response from it and from fans of KISS.
JK: I think most fans who are fans of KISS are also fans of Pretty Boy Floyd, we’re just the younger generation of that sound. I think we all get grouped together. Any bands that wears flashy hair and makeup and stuff, you’re associated with KISS regardless. Or Motley, Motley came thereafter, we’re after that. It just goes through generations.

How close are you guys to doing another record?
Steve: We’re close to finishing it on Frontier Records. This is our first deal with Frontiers and we’re about 3 weeks to a month away from it all being done.

How will the music on this new record compare to the classic Pretty Boy Floyd stuff?
Steve: It’s still gonna have all the incredible hooks because we’re known for the big hooks and big anthems. If you love Leather Boyz or Porn Stars, or this or that, this is gonna be the best of the best. A lot of new songs, a lot of ones we were working on that were never finished for a lot of years. It’s gonna be incredible. Not many bands are putting out the total full cockrock / big anthem, loud guitars that actually have a verse, a pre chorus and a big chorus and all that stuff. We’re excited as hell. To us, it’d be the record we would have put out right after Leatherboyz

Be sure to check out Pretty Boy Floyd as well as all the other tremendous bands ready to rock your world on the Hair Nation Festival on September 17th at the Irvine Meadows Amphitheater!

(Interview and Photos by Ken Morton)

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