Ruins of Elysium

ruinsofe1Prince EP (Part 1) by Ruins of Elysium (Loudr)

With members based out countries such as Brazil and Norway, Ruins of Elysium present an exotic take on the world Symphonic Rock and Metal scene that is absolutely wondrous to behold. Their ambitious first effort is entitled Prince EP, part 1 of a future second act, showing a collective at the very height of their creative energies.

Comparisons to acts such as Rhapsody, Kamelot or Dark Moor may come to mind, but the various musicians within Ruins of Elysium possess a sense of imagination and intrigue rendering the material absolutely captivating and unique. The Prince EP is a vast and glorious effort that should enrapture all types of music aficionados looking for an epic sonic adventure.

ruinsof2014The sweeping majesty commences with the stratospheric sounds of the title cut Prince, where the glorious inflections from tenor Drake Chrisdensen are gorgeously enhanced by the impassioned performances of all musicians involved. The Chronicles of Mist is then unleashed with its cinematic reverberations, thrilling the listener with its rapturous classical overtones and passionate vocals. Sentinels of the Starry Skies then lifts you off the ground and into a world of enigmatic splendor with its magnificent power balladry and poignant refrains.

The Ruins of Elysium lineup is unequivocally first rate, featuring the participation of Drake Chrisdensen on tenor vocals, Claus Hetfield on guitar, Lucas Negrisoli on guitar, Izabela Alvarenga on bass, and Iana Domingos on drums. With such a radiant introduction, it will be exciting to see what musical paths Ruins of Elysium journey upon in future days. They promise a bit of mystery and darkness to enfold within the next chapter of Prince, so judging by what’s already been unveiled, the further adventures from Ruins of Elysium should be another prodigious treat to the ears.

(Review by Ken Morton)

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