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The Most Incredible Thing is based on the Hans Christian Anderson story of the same title. It is about a competition in a mythical kingdom where the King announces whoever invents the most incredible thing will win the hand of the Princess in marriage and half of the Kingdom. The two CDs come packaged in a hard-backed book format (digital version for iTunes) with a complete scene-by-scene synopsis of the ballet’s story and accompanying notes. Neil Tennant and Chris Low release the music for their first ever full-length ballet. This marks yet another time that this duo has written material for the theatrical arena. They have also written the 2001 West End musical Closer to Heaven with playwright Jonathan Harvey. In 2004 they performed their soundtrack to the classic silent film, Battleship Potemkin. Is the independent film or full length film score next for this pop alternative music team of such dance hits as West End Girls. Even their cover of Somewhere from West Side Story is brilliant.

There are two great pieces from this ballet that stand out music wise. On track four you find a great piano sole instrumental piece. But also on track eight you have an instrumental moog keyboard piece that is good enough to move you as well that could be played in clubs too. You do find some timid short vocals on this effort but don’t expect a lot of full songs with vocals that isn’t the projects intent. The music sets up tapestry back drops to dance with and in front of. The material sets moods and swings through a variety of them.

Orchestration and arrangement is in best taste here with this emotion project. To get a better understanding of the potential that The Pet Shop Boys really have this is a must for a collectors of their music. For those of you into modern art ballet then this might in enhance you to see things in another better light.

(Review by Jonathan D. Wright)


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