Quoth The Raven

Self Titled EP by Quoth The Raven (Self released)

The best way to describe the music of Quoth The Raven is emotionally driven hard rock with gothic undertones and a tremendously effective female vocalist. Based out of the Lone Star State, the members may seem young, but they play with both passion and professionalism. If their debut Self Titled EP is indicative of things to come, Quoth The Raven could gain themselves a good deal of attention. The five songs featured within are solid and engaging, and are sure to leave an indelible impression on all who venture out to give a listen.

Slamming into high gear right away, the EP kicks off with the rockin’ sounds of Darkness Falls, clearly demonstrating that the band means serious business. The title track is up next, a stunning power ballad of remarkable depth showing off each and every member at their very best.

Sleep is shadowy and hypnotic, merging into an all out hard rock anthem that is jarring to the senses – like a soundtrack to an uneasy dream that you nevertheless do not want to wake up from. And then there’s By The Sword with its bleak metallic melodies and fiery lead vocals. Closing out the exhibition is the mesmerizing It May Seem Dark, an inspiring acoustic-based ballad that definitely packs a punch.

Lead singer Aubrey has a lovely, powerful voice recalling such European rock chanteuses as Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil and Anneke van Giersbergen formerly of The Gathering. Rich and layered, Aubrey’s voice conveys a good deal of passion and conviction and sends the material soaring. The guitars are wondrous and commanding, with Tanner and Ben generating a sonic wall of sound with the rock numbers as well as in the quieter moments of the EP. Steven on drums and Jacob on bass make up the lethally efficient rhythm section.

The band obviously has wide ranging influences, and yet delivers a distinct sound and personality that is refreshing. It will be exciting to see which direction the band decides to ascend upon in future days. In the meantime, check out Quoth The Raven and prepare to celebrate the stimulating darkness of their poetic musical reveries.

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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