Queensrÿche at the Viper Room

Todd La Torre of Queensrÿche

Todd La Torre of Queensrÿche

Queensrÿche, The Viper Room, May 1, 2013

The infamous Viper Room has been known to host extraordinary shows that remain within your memory for a lifetime. The May Day explosion of Queensrÿche was one such venture, an industry only event where, fortunately, a few resourceful fans were able to attend as well.

There are currently two versions of Queensrÿche claiming the throne – this one being the entity fronted by Todd La Torre, formerly of Crimson Glory. The occasion was for the world premiere of Queensrÿche, their self-titled debut for Century Media Records! After an introduction from long time drummer Scott Rockenfield and new vocalist Todd La Torre, it was time for the music to be unleashed. And while listening in a roomful of chatty industry types isn’t the best way to experience such a wondrous magnum opus, the songs contained within were absolutely breathtaking. The album is sure to go down as a big and glorious comeback for the legendary band.

After the final track spun to its conclusion, Queensrÿche took to the stage and delivered the kind of performance that legends are made of. Opening with the thunderous Queen of The Reich from their 1982 eponymous EP, the audience was witness to a band at the very height of their craft. The original trinity was performing with remarkable depth and passion, featuring the spiraling guitar work of Michael Wilton and the mighty world class rhythm section consisting of Eddie Jackson on bass and Scott Rockenfield on drums.

Parker Lundgren of Queensrÿche

Parker Lundgren of Queensrÿche

The charismatic Parker Lundgren has been the Queensrÿche guitarist since 2009, also spending time working with Geoff Tate on his solo projects. Infusing a dynamic energy into the proceedings, Lundgren meshed in perfectly with the obviously rejuvenated band. And then there’s Todd La Torre, infusing his own astounding style and flair to the proceedings, his magical vocals soaring into the stratosphere. Together, the La Torre fronted edition of Queensrÿche is a massive metallic force ready to charge into the next great chapter of the band’s storied career.

Classics such as Walk In The Shadow, Warning and The Needle Lies were absolutely staggering in such a small space. The band premiered a new song entitled Redemption from the upcoming album, and it’s definitely a track Queensrÿche will be performing for the metal ages to come.

Queensrÿche closed their set with the grand and epic Empire, leaving a remarkable lasting impression on the normally reserved industry types. The Viper Room was a sweatbox long before the show concluded, but Queensrÿche delivered a set of progressive metal worthy of their timeless legacy, indicating even greater triumphs ahead. What a rare and wonderful treat it is to see a legendary band on such intimate terms! Be sure to check into the Queensrÿche Self-Titled CD to be released June 25th in the States via Century Media Records! The Rÿche has returned with a vengeance, ready to reclaim the crown and reign once again!

(Review and Photos by Kenneth Morton)

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Set List:
Queen Of The Reich
Walk In The Shadows
The Whisper
En Force
The Needle Lies
Take Hold Of The Flame
Eyes Of A Stranger


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