The Raleigh Sessions by Amely (Self-released EP)

The recent news about Amely is the announcement of their retirement as a band. One of the fastest rising signings on the Fearless Records label, the grand promise shown on their debut EP Hello World was in the midst of being fulfilled. The recordings for their full length were thrown into question after the band decided to call it quits, but fortunately the songs are being released independently.

The seven compositions heard on The Raleigh Sessions confirm that the full length could have launched the Orlando based collective into the pop rock and roll stratosphere. Timeless and wildly infectious, the tunes contained within The Raleigh Sessions are a fond farewell letter from Amely to their many devoted fans all around the world.

Listening to the sweeping sounds of opening track Back To Love, one does not observe a band on the verge of calling it quits – the wondrous sounds of a hit single emerges in all its vast pop rock glory. Next up is the triumphant Hold On, positively endearing with its vibrant sentiments about “reaching for the stars.”

Sell Your Alibi starts off as an emotional power ballad before launching into a power pop confection, and is absolutely irresistible. Wasted Love is vast and ambitious, with dazzling guitar interludes and Petie Pizarro‘s powerful vocals hitting a grand slam.

It’s surf rock time where The Beach Boys meet The Goo Goo Dolls when I’ll Never Be The Only One explodes through your stereo system. The Girl She Is shows once again the brilliant knack Amely possesses for writing a killer hook-laden pop song. And then closing out The Raleigh Sessions, as well as Amely’s tenure as a band, is Fallen, a joyous love song that should leave a sweet lasting impression for pop rock aficionados everywhere.

So what’s up next for Amely? Petie Pizarro is definitely one of the most powerful, talented (and underrated) vocalists today. Pizarro’s cover of Him’s In Venere Veritas is inspired, dramatic and magnificently gothic, showing a diverse and impassioned side to his singing. And then there’s the announcement of a brand new band called Sovereign Soldiers, featuring Pizarro and two others formerly with the ranks of Amely. So while Amely is now an entity of the past, there is a vast and glorious future ahead for the ex-members. In the meantime, be sure to check out The Raleigh Sessions and enjoy seven of the very best pop songs you will hear in 2011!

Amely is Petie Pizarro, Patrick Ridgen, Nate Parsell, Brandon Walden

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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