In Memory of Randall Gurtler of Secret Tunnel Storyline and 2nd Grade Hi Five

Randall Gurtler, better to known to his friends, family and band mates as Randy, passed away this last Friday of currently unknown causes.  A tremendously talented singer / songwriter based out of Tucson. Arizona, Randy was a member of an up and coming local band Secret Tunnel Storyline.

On the day of his passing, Randy has posted on his Twitter and Facebook, “So stoked for today! Going to see the first cut of @STSLBAND’s music video, for our new single, this evening! #IgnoreAllOdds.”  One look at his Facebook now, and one finds profoundly moving tributes to a life that has ended way too soon.  We are reminded how truly precious time and friendship is with those around us.   Randy definitely knew about this, as expressed in the various songs he wrote throughout his life.

In addition to Secret Tunnel Storyline, Randy had worked on a solo project which went by the moniker 2nd Grade Hi Five. Demonstrating his wondrous songwriting skills and emotional vocal delivery, songs such as Overdramatic, Never Gonna Stop and Beautiful possessed a timeless quality about them. With an EP Audio Photography and a full length entitled Potential, through 2nd Grade Hi Five, Randall Gurtler has presented to the world a lasting musical legacy.  Gurtler’s solo music was refreshing, wistful, and a tad ironic, and the songs are sure to be treasured by the many friends and fans of this young man.

His 2nd Grade Hi Five band mate Will Kniep introduced Highwire Daze to Gurtler’s music, and we had the opportunity to interview them both in December of 2010.  They remained friends even after the band concluded their run late last year.

2nd Grade Hi Five was compared to acts such as A Rocket To The Moon and The Rocket Summer, and yet Gurtler was certainly talented and resourceful enough to launch way beyond those superficial assessments.

When speaking of his songwriting, Gurtler stated in an interview with Highwire Daze, “All the songs are inspired by events in my life, or things that mean a lot to me. “Never Gonna Stop” is about how simple things in a relationship are the best. That you don’t need fancy things to prove you are in love. “Overdramatic” is about being in love with music and what it means to me.”

Music meant the world to Randy Gurtler and his moving, introspective songs within his various bands and solo projects remain an everlasting testament to his warm wit and infinite wisdom.

Highwire Daze sends out our condolences to Randy’s family, friends and band mates. Although he has left this world. through his breathtaking musical artistry, Randall Gurtler will continue to live on for the ages.

Randall Gurtler RIP
October 10, 1982 – April 27, 2012

Potential CD review
2nd Grade Hi Five interview
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(Article by Kenneth Morton)

  1. Fahzah 7 years ago

    Randy was my eldest son. I used to call him Ran. I’m very proud of Randy, I loved him very much and I will miss him the rest of my life.

  2. Sherri Anne 7 years ago

    This is so heartbreaking. What an amazing talent! My sincere condolences to his family and friends.

  3. Wellborn64 7 years ago

    Many thoughts and prayers go out to Randy’s family he touched many lives and everyone who knew him was/is better off. My daughter and I both still have paintings and drawings Randy did while in high school.
    God bless you Randy.

  4. Amelia poehler 7 years ago

    Randy was a very talented musician, from hanging out outside of show, to seeing him on stage, he was always laughing an joking around, that’s one thing I will never forget. I’ve had many great memories listening and hanging Out with not only randy but the whole stsl band. My heart goes out to his whole family as well as stsl and 2nd grade high five.

  5. Rachel 7 years ago

    Thanks for posting this! He was a genuine man and cherish the bus rides, the class times and all the laughs in between! Thanks Randy for living the life you did! You will be missed!

  6. Eli Miller 7 years ago

    I spent many years playing music with Randy. So many great memories, from him playing with “In The Making”, touring together in “Honor Bed”, playing tons of shows with 2GH5, and all around spending time with a great friend. I’m very glad this was posted for him, and my heart goes out to all his friends and family. You will be dearly missed Randall.

  7. THE BEAT 7 years ago

    Such a tragic loss. Did not know him personally, but did promote him some on our page. It is always so sad to lose such a young talent. Our sincere condolences to family and friends and fans who love him. 🙁

  8. K 7 years ago

    Randy you will be terribly missed for all your amazing character traits and I can honestly say no one can rock skinny jeans quite like you. We will cherish your music but most of all we will cherish your true love for music. It’s truly amazing seeing someone live out their dreams so freely.

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