Thrash Metal Titans, RATTLEHEAD, Unleash Their New Album Tales From The Gutter; Embark On Massive North American Summer Tour

It’s time to do the Toxic Waltz as Los Angeles thrash titans RATTLEHEAD prepare to embark on a massive headlining North American summer tour, which kicks off with an insane hometown show at The Whisky on July 9th. This is also a huge day for the band as they are also celebrating the much anticipated release of their second, self released, full-length album Tales From The Gutter. The disc is available now exclusively through, so be sure to head over now to purchase. You can also check out the vicious new track, “Just Stay Down,” now exclusively on their MySpace page, as well as view their complete touring itinerary.

RATTLEHEAD’s new offering, Tales From The Gutter, is a dynamic thrashterpiece that showcases drastic improvements in production quality, improved songwriting and maturity as musicians. The group are some of the most determined musicians you will ever find and have proven this time and time again by self-financing numerous nationwide tours throughout the past years.

Nick Baranov (vocals, guitars) further states: “In just a few short days, RATTLEHEAD will be taking off on another nationwide tour, tearing through 31 shows with a month long blitzkrieg of speed metal, alongside our friends HexeN. We will be supporting our brand new album, Tales From The Gutter, which is available online now through our MySpace page and through iTunes on August 1st.

“If you’ve never seen or heard RATTLEHEAD live before, be sure to catch us in your nearest town, and witness the insanity. We always incite anand alcohol fueled mosh pit so join us for the nonstop party. We will be debuting brand new songs off the album, such as the new single ‘Just Stay Down,’ which you can hear online now. See you insane thrashers very soon.”

For this brand new, 10 track studio effort, RATTLEHEAD teamed up with renowned producer John Ugarte with assistant production help from their good friend Sam Totman of DragonForce (Roadrunner Records). The guitars are razor sharp and precise, but still manage to sound full within the mix. The crisp and clear drums with a thundering underlying bass line fill the atmosphere. They focused heavily on the vocal aspects of the album, experimenting with new techniques, ultimately ending up with what is by far their best vocal performance on record to date. As a final touch, the album features incredible solo guitar work by lead guitarist Francis Ausley, as well as a guest solo by Jeff Potts of Mantic Ritual (Nuclear Blast Records).

RATTLEHEAD are influenced by classic acts such as Testament, Slayer, Metallica and Exodus but focus more on adding unique, fresh aspects, more melodic passages and sing along choruses. This style will quickly set them clearly apart from the rest of today’s “new wave of thrash metal” and open up a wide array of audiences worldwide.


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