reachsolace1Solace by Reach (Self-released EP)

When one thinks of Nashville, TN, imagery of country music and the Grand Ole Opry come into play – one certainly does not envision pulsating melodic hardcore. Reach is from the area, and this collective unleashes tunes with powerful lyrics and a driving soundtrack that will make you want to launch yourself headfirst into the nearest mosh pit. Their self-released four song EP is entitled Solace, and it’s a stunning effort that should garner the band a good deal of recognition well beyond the town of Minnie Pearl and Merle Haggard.

The EP kicks into supersonic gear with the captivating title cut Solace – “Now I can see what you’re going through, and I can say that I’ve been there too,” the opening lines race through, fully enveloping the listener for the spiraling compositions ahead.

With A Drive Like This, We Don’t Have To Wish,” is a triumphant call to arms found within Drive, featuring thunderous breakdowns and lyrics that will make you want to relentlessly press forward, no matter what the circumstance.

reachband1Up next is At Bay, absolutely raging in scope, featuring a powerhouse guest vocal from Mikey Sawyer of Miss Fortune. And the closing out is the mighty tough guy anthem Clouded Life, with the “I’ll reap havoc on your life” chorus destined to be sang at a fevered pitch by hardcore fans in at clubs all across the nation.

Fans of acts such as For The Fallen Dreams and The Ghost Inside will definitely find a new favorite when exploring the super intensive reveries of Reach. The musicianship found within is especially intriguing, starting with the blasting, magnetic drum performance of Christopher Maynard. The outstanding axe work, spewing out an expansive wall of atmospheric sound, is courtesy of Wade Hopper and Aaron Novakovic. And then there’s lead vocals of Tyler Whalen, unleashing the vibrant lyrics with a ferocious sense of conviction that really makes one stand up and take notice.

The four dynamic songs from Solace have lyric videos on Youtube, and may be explored thoroughly at Definitely follow along with the words for maximum impact. With an EP as hard hitting as Solace, it will be exciting to see what impact Reach has on the music scene in the future. Stay tuned…

(Note: Since the recording of Solace, guitarist Ben Biles has been added to the band.)

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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