Former This Romantic Tragedy members start new apparel company

reinvent apparel logoTwo former members of the popular band This Romantic Tragedy have started a new clothing company named ReInvent Apparel. The new company is introducing its first four designs this week featuring the ReInvent logo designed and created by Kyle Huender. Co-owner/investor of the Company is former TRT keyboardist Gabe Centeno.

Kyle was a founding member and guitarist for This Romantic Tragedy and co-wrote much of the band’s first three CD’s and has created the bands artwork, logos and designs. Kyle also runs Uprise Art and Design and Uprise recording, and has designed logos, T shirts, posters and CD artwork for several bands . Now he focuses on the ReInvent clothing line that carries the positive message of peace, hope and love to make the world a better place.

reinventredWe asked Kyle to reiterate on the ReInvent Movement: “The message is simple”, he Says, “Reinvent is here to make a difference in this world. We’re starting small but the goal is to spread a positive message of trying and getting people to reinvent and change their ways, to strive to make a difference and to better themselves and to make this world a better place to live in.”

Gabe concludes: “Our hope is to eventually to help give back to communities and lead by example promoting such ideas as breast cancer awareness, supporting the troops, raising money for natural disaster relief, focusing on helping the less fortunate.”

ReInvent Yourself!

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