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Based out of the Albany, NY music scene, Restless Streets recently signed to Invogue Records, unleashing their debut EP for the label entitled In, And Of Myself.  Perseverance and talent has paid off big time for the band, as they now find themselves touring with From Atlantis and Famous Last Words – and plan on recording a full length shortly thereafter.  More than ready for massive touring and looking forward making new fans across the country, Restless Streets is destined to be headlining their own shows soon enough if there intensive, heartfelt songs are indicative of things to come.  Here is an interview we conducted with front man Logan Carpenter just prior to taking off on the band’s latest journey across America.  Read on…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Restless Streets, and how long your band has been together.
My name is Logan Carpenter and I sing for Restless Streets. We have been a band for a little over 3 years, but we’ve had a couple of member changes between then and now.

How has your music scene in Albany, NY changed since you’ve first started Restless Streets?
There are so many more young people playing music in Albany now then there were when we first started. It’s seems like the majority of our hometown fans are members of local acts, which is really exciting!

How did you wind up signing to InVogue Records?
We recorded four new songs with Landon at Swordfish Studios and we were really happy with how they came out. We sent a song over to the owner of Invogue from the studio and they liked what we were doing. A few weeks after we got home from recording we were signing on with the label and plans for a release in the near future were in the works. We didn’t expect this EP to be released on a label, but we were blessed with the opportunity immediately do so on June 12th 2012.

Is there any story or concept to the EP title In, And Of Myself?
In, and Of Myself is about being completely honest with your views and values. It’s about facing interpersonal issues that you wouldn’t normally vocalize to the public, let alone anyone close to you – friends or family, for example. Everyone has demons, or skeletons in their closets, things they feel guilty about. I find music as the perfect outlet for the issues that don’t come up in common conversation. A lot of bands write about aspects of society that bother them, or about everything that everyone else is doing wrong, I wanted to take the opportunity to brush away the cobwebs, and get some shit off my chest.

Select two songs from the EP and what inspired the lyrics.
Dr Doctor!– This song is a song I wrote from a first person perspective, a manic conversation between a mentally ill patient, and his imaginary therapist. I think this song sheds light on the chaos that captivates and incapacitates my thought process at times. People are drawn to unusually honest lyrics. I think it’s interesting to hear someone contradict a situation by speaking over-enthusiastically about something so negative, like their increasingly unstable mental state, so I wrote about it.

At The Ballet– I wrote this song while sitting in my car, overlooking an enormous cliff. This cliff is infamous for claiming multiple lives, often intentionally. Whenever I take a trip to this place I am overwhelmed knowing that people have gone there to die. I wrote the song while pondering the many notions that go through someones head before leaving this world, and what it would feel like to have such a feeling of disparity, and hopelessness.

What was it like working with Landon Tewers from The Plot In You and what did he contribute to the overall sound?
I can honestly say that Landon is one of our best friends. Going to his house to record is always an incredible time. The recording process is very laid back, and Landon is a great dude to work with. We have a lot in common and Landon always pushes us to play at our full potential on each recording. He brings out the best in every one of us.

What are you looking forward to the most about your upcoming tour with From Atlantis and Famous Last Words?
I think we are all most excited to visit a new city each night and give people a show they will NEVER forget. We’ve always wanted the opportunity to travel and play for the world, and finally we’ve got the chance to do just that. I can’t wait to meet a ton of new fans that we have never met face to face before, we couldn’t be more excited!

What could one expect from your live performance on this tour?
We have an awesome, high energy set put together for this tour. It’s going to be really fun to party with all these new faces and play songs from the new EP.

What was it like opening for Falling In Reverse and did you get to meet or hang out with the band at all?
The FIR show was really fun, a lot of our shows are with really heavy bands and a lot of the kids don’t appreciate the fact that we have clean vocal parts in our music. Playing for a huge crowd of Falling In Reverse fans was great because they all really enjoyed, and appreciated every aspect of our music. We got the chance to meet the band at sound check, and I met Ronnie about a year ago when he was first putting together the FIR line-up, total gentlemen!

What advice would you give another young band looking for a record deal?
If you truly believe that you can create something out of nothing, and take your music to the next level, then there is absolutely no reason why you will not make it happen. I fully believe in taking an idea and making it reality. Force your way to the front, and work your ass off. Nobody is going to pick you up and drop you off that the top, if you believe that kind of shit actually happens, and big artists just get “lucky” you are only fooling yourself.

Will you still continue pursuing your solo acoustic project?
I love playing acoustic guitar, and my solo project just gives me the opportunity to play whenever, and whatever I want. I don’t have to worry about my music selling, or keeping up with a website, I just play because I’ve still got energy and inspiration left after Restless practice. The fans that I have acquired for my acoustic music are wonderful and I never intended on having such support for my solo music as I do now. I am incredibly grateful to everyone who listens to my music, and I think I’ll always write songs separate from RS as another outlet for my thoughts, and feelings.

How close are you to recording a full length effort?
We are currently writing for our full length record. Most of the songs are already demoed out on BJ’s computer. We plan to finish the demos while on the road, and be ready to record by early-mid September 2012.

Now that you are signed with a record out, how much are you looking forward to the constant touring and being away from home?
Naturally, we will all miss our friends, and our families at home but at the end of the day this is what we’ve put years of our lives into, and this is what we were all meant to do, our friends and families understand that. Most people never get the opportunity to travel to as many cities, and meet the amount of people that we do- people that love our music! It’s an incredible feeling being able to share our music with our generation across the globe, and I think these are all things to be very thankful for.

Any messages for Restless Streets fans or those about to listen to your music for the first time?
I am the liquor, Randy.

Restless Streets is:
Logan Carpenter – Vocals
Brandon John – Guitar
Kyle Carpenter – Guitar
John Alund – Bass
Nick Dumar – Drums
Brian Nellis- Keys

(Interview by Kenneth Morton)

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