The Restless Wanderers by Seladora (Self-released CD)

Based out of Augusta, GA, Seladora is the perfect example of a DIY band able to make themselves known through various channels on the Internet. Fans of bands such as Underoath and As Cities Burn should really enjoy the impassioned compositions found within The Restless Wanderers. A compelling follow-up to their debut recording With The Voice Of An Archangel, the new full length is a powerful testament to faith and destiny, and it’s sure to garner the band a good deal of notice and respect.

After a haunting Introduction, the disc kicks into high gear with the exhilarating sounds of The Prince And The Thief, a powerful track that should reel the listener in with its sheer intensity. An Artist’s Discovery is up next, one of the strongest cuts on the album, with the thoughtful lyric, “Nothing is clean and everything we touch is tainted by the choices we carry.” Vivid lyrical content is certainly a strong point for this band.

Disconnect: Reconnect is mighty and inspiring, featuring a guest vocal appearance of Landon Tewers from The Plot In You. Showdown At Sundown soars with its aggressive beats and spiraling vocal presentation featuring and the lyrical insight “They’ve got me questioning everything.”

The title track is devastating, showing just how imaginative and breathtaking the music if Seladora is capable of being. The Family Table is brutal in its fierce intensity, really revving the hardcore dynamics of their music. Fancy That is another high point on the album that should really set dance pits in flight when performed in a live setting.

Be sure to stick it out till the end, as The Unusual Pros & Cons supplies a dynamic conclusion to The Restless Wanderers, with a haunting sing-a-long at the end that will remain in your head long after the disc spins to an end.

Although it is easy to compare Seladora to the onslaught of Christian metalcore bands on the scene today, their own music is rich, textured and ultimately ambitious.  First off are the brutal screamed inflections, which are performed with a sense of force and conviction. The clean vocals are also mesmerizing, sending the songs into the stratosphere. The musicianship is absolutely first rate, with shimmering guitar interludes and a rhythm section that means serious business! Shades of indie rock permeate throughout the post hardcore soundscape, making for a thoroughly captivating listening experience.

The Seladora lineup consists of Alek Tippie on vocals, David Brown on guitar and vocals, Ray Prichard on guitar and vocals, Alex Mendez on drums and vocals, and John “Mimsy” Minor on bass. Be sure to check out what this compelling band has to offer and support their admirable journey of vision and spiritual enlightenment. A rising star on the vast horizon to be sure!

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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