Reviver: Inspiring Post Hardcore from the City of Angels

reviver1Reviver is based out of the legendary Los Angeles music scene, and they are just beginning to make an impact within the City of Angels and beyond.  On the post hardcore side of the spectum, Reviver recently issued their Self-Titled debut EP.  A dymanic collection of songs produced by none other than Daniel Castleman at the famed Lambesis Studios, tracks such as Primer and Wanderer are destined to leave a lasting impression on all whom encounter their inspiring reveries.  Here is an interview we recently conducted with the Reviver collective to find out more about this band on the rise!  Read on…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Reviver, and how long the band has been together.
Alex Parker: I’m Alex Parker, my job in Reviver is clean vocals. The band “technically” started a little over a year ago, but we have been an actual full band since the summer of 2013.

What do you think of the local Los Angeles music scene and how does Reviver fit into the scheme of things?
Paul Abrahamian: I honestly think the Los Angeles music scene is filled with tons of extremely talented musicians who have the potential to make it big. Unfortunately, I feel as if there is no drive for the LA locals to come support and bump up their home town bands to the next level. Unless you’re playing a show with a popular act that comes with selling pre-sale tickets, it comes close to pulling teeth. Fortunately for REVIVER, we have been receiving incredible support from our fans, friends, and family. There’s no better feeling than knowing that there are plenty of people right behind you, pushing you along the way.

reviver2What was the experience like working on your EP with Daniel Castleman and Lambesis Studios?
Rane Matthew: It was great! Daniel Castleman proved yet again to be an excellent engineer and producer. Constantly pushed us to work harder and harder, offered priceless input and experience, and also helped flesh out the ideas we were already working with. Lambesis Studios itself was a great environment to be in. Absolutely professional, well equipped, and well staffed. Couldn’t have asked for anything better. We’re happy to say that after the experience, Daniel remains a great friend of ours and we’ll definitely be working with him again the future.

What is the story or concept behind your song Primer?
Alex Parker: Primer is personally one of my favorite songs. Lyrically it hits closer to home than some of the other tracks. The EP overall is mainly about the struggle of doing what you love. For us that is music. The chorus essentially highlights how there have been many people in our lives telling us to live in a methodical fashion that is mundane to our perception of life. Being clouded by that judgement can cause a negative burden that lives with you, eating you inside out. The fact of the matter is now that we are doing something genuine, people are noticing and now are changing their minds about us. These people always tend to come back with apologies and a motive. But all these people seem to forget one thing, which is we are doing this with or with out their support and have become better people because of it. We believe in staying true to ourselves and having Primer introduce the EP was an obvious choice.

reviverep1Select two other Reviver songs and what inspired the lyrics.
Jon Halabe: Here & Now is simply about recognizing each person’s true potential. It seems that it’s more common for people to put each other down instead of working together to build each other up. The thought of what humanity could be if we focused more on uniting together to improve rather than to criticize is what greatly inspired the song.

Wanderer is about when you want something so badly that it can’t leave your mind. The thought of not working towards that goal is physically sickening. When you get to that point where you feel like you’re about to give up, you realize how realistic the goal is. You remember why you’ve been working so hard the whole time, and suddenly the fire inside you is reignited.

Who did the artwork for the EP and how much input did you have on it?
Alex Parker: The artwork was done by Planbee Designs. Our guitarist Anthony actually conceptualized the idea for the lighthouse. We were sending ideas back and forth until we were happy with the final product.

How close is Reviver to recording another EP or full length album?
Jon Halabe: Reviver is currently in the process of writing our second EP, which should be complete within the coming months. We’re working really hard to bring new ideas and powerful music to the fans. We’re very excited and cannot wait to for it to debut.

What could one expect from a live Reviver show?
Paul Abrahamian: Due to the fact that everyone’s expectations are different, it’s a little bit difficult to answer that question. All we can tell you is that you can expect to see six committed musicians who love performing, are passionate in what they do, go nuts on stage, and are having a hell of a lot of fun.

reviver3Any strange or scary happenings on the road or at a Reviver show?
Alex Parker: A few months back, we booked a show at the Cobalt Cafe in Canoga Park. We were headlining the show and when we got on stage to set up for our performance, everything started to go wrong. Anthony’s guitar stopped working and our backing tracks stopped working. While this was all going down, I left the venue to go home to get some things to help resolve the situation. The problem with that was, no one knew I left to do so. No one could find me at the venue so they started worrying even more that I had up and left for some random reason. Mean while Anthony borrowed a guitar from a previous act and then I finally showed up. We got everything working and the show went on flawlessly. I will say there was a moment of panic though.

If Reviver could open up for any band either now or from the past, who would it be and why?
Rane Matthew: We’ve been fortunate enough to have already shared the stage with bands that we highly respect; I See Stars, Confide, and Dayseeker. Other bands that we would love to open up for include The Devil Wears Prada, Like Moths To Flames, and Fit For A King. They’ve all played a big role not only in our lives, but in our passion for music. Sharing the stage with them would be an honor for us.

reviver4What’s up next for Reviver?
Antonio Ocegueda: What’s next is we are in the works of our second EP, which we hopefully we’ll have finished by the summer. We also will be shooting a music as well to go along with the first single we drop. If we are able too, we would like to tour, but that is more on the back burner. There are a few other things going on that we can’t really talk about but will reveal themselves soon. Overall we have a lot of new things happening which will all unravel sometime this summer.

Any final words of wisdom?
Alex Parker: The overall message we like to convey, is not to give up. A lot of people start bands thinking it is easy. They will write their first EP, play a few shows and then just sort of stop working after that. This is a process that is continually growing and shifting. You have to make serious sacrifices in order to do this and to be honest, none of them are easy. I wish more people would understand that even though you can be in a band with your best friends, you still can disagree with one another and be adamantly defeated. But you have to put your ego aside and look at the bigger picture. We believe we are doing this for a greater good and if we can inspire one fan at a show, then we did our job. While we still have a lot to achieve, we need more people like this who understand how not giving up can inspire hope in others and most importantly yourself.

Reviver is:
Rane Matthew – Vocals
Alex Parker – Clean Vocals
Anthony Dal Porto – Guitar
Paul Abrahamian – Guitar
Jonathan Halabe – Bass
Antonio Ocegueda – Drums

(Interview and Photos by Ken Morton)

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