Summertime Dropouts

Rewind by Summertime Dropouts (Voluminous Records)

The soundtrack for the summer of 2012 has already arrived! Fans of Blink 182, New Found Glory and Yellowcard are destined to discover a new favorite when encountering the pop punk anthems found on Rewind by Summertime Dropouts. Based out of the sometimes chilly confines of Minnesota, the wondrous music found within would even warm the hearts of an Arctic Eskimo – as well as the most frigid of musical critic.

The band has already released a single entitled Full Time Cutie, a slice of pop rock perfection that opens Rewind.  Telling the carefree tale of a girl, “who will never be a prom queen, she’s got one too many tattoos and a lip ring” with a “bright pink guitar,” this dazzling song is a genre classic in the making.

The sweet confections continue with the sentimental 1999, a wistful tune about going back to best time in your life to correct a mistake.  Get Lost is a Goo Goo Dolls style rock number with a ton of attitude and powerhouse vocals.

Getaway is a standout cut about being stuck at work when the hot weather and ideas of the beach are running rampant in your head. “I’m gonna hit the beach, take a swim in the ocean, work on my tan with cheap crappy lotion, lay in the sand and watch the world pass me by,” is the super terrific chorus that will jangle in your head for ages!

X has a stunning sense of punk rock aesthetics that should send pits all across the nation spinning with excitement. Then there’s the spirited power balled Spring Flings that possesses its own keen sense of adventure.

Just The Way is an important song for the band, emphatically dedicated to the misfits and outcasts of the world. The spoken word performance towards the end of the track possesses a commanding sense of empowerment as the vocals says, “Hold your head up kid. We’re all in this together.”  You’ll want to take on the world after hearing this one.

Put Em Up has a sing-a-long chorus that should have audiences responding enthusiastic. Then the booty shaking Amie takes you on tour while being very much in love. This bit of sonic heaven should be overplayed all over the radio airwaves!

The album closes out with a stunning piano rendition of 1999 Rewind, giving the already superb song a whole new sense of poignancy.

Rewind by Summertime Dropouts is that rare album where each and every tracks stands out and shines.  The tremendously talented Summertime Dropouts lineup consists of David Erickson on lead vocals and bass, Danny Knoblock on lead guitar, Joshua Stoll on rhythm guitar, and Mark Nolan on drums. The album was executive produced by Clint Gibbs, whose recording credits include such high profile top charters as Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj and Britney Spears. With soaring hooks, epic choruses, and memorable lyrics, Summertime Dropouts are destined for the big leagues. Check into Rewind when it comes out in June and catch a rising star. The most exciting pop rocking feel good album since the arrival of Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard!

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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