Rise With Honor

Demo 2010 by Rise With Honor (Self-released)

Rise With Honor is a Christian hardcore band whose down-tuned music and guttural vocal inflections bring such visionaries as Suicide Silence and especially Impending Doom to mind. But instead of simply copying bands they admire, Rise With Honor brings their own sense of spirit and conviction to the proceedings, and what they spew forth is simply devastating! “Why don’t you fear God? Learn it!” growls lead vocalist Ian on one of the songs – and you can tell that’s he’s dead serious and speaking from the heart.

Their Demo 2010 is an impressive collection of four songs and an Outro, and it’s sure to garner this young band a good deal of attention. In addition to the wildly impassioned vocals, the musicianship within the band is tighter then hell, with heavy breakdowns guaranteed to start all-out Armageddon in the pit. The first track Two Faced is surely enough to convince one that these guys mean what they say, their overall presentation rivaling even some of the signed acts that we review.

Second track Overcome is an all-out beat down anthem, one that is sure to reverberate through your system. “If my life shall end now, I’ll have no regrets,” yells the vocals, and one can imagine every kid in the crowd screaming along to that powerful sentiment. Paths and We Will Be Judged are just as commanding, drenching the listener with a mighty wall of empowering sound. And don’t expect any wimpy concluding number – just because it’s called Outro doesn’t mean you’ll be off the hook with a sweet synthesizer of sound – only a final launch headfirst into the mosh pits of redemption shall you go.

If a label such as Facedown or Wounded Records is looking for the next big Christian death metal band, they only need to go as far as Perry, GA and explore the swampy anthems of Rise With Honor. Yes, there are a ton of bands out there like this, but Rise With Honor has the utter sincerity and musical chops to make it into the big leagues. Well worth checking into! The dynamic Rise With Honor lineup consist of Ian on vocals, Cason on guitar, Tyler on bass, and Thomas on drums.

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

Rise With Honor on Myspace

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  1. Rise With Honor 9 years ago

    I love you guys. haha

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