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risingfromrev1Rising From Ashes by Silent Force (AFM Records)

It’s been seven years since the last Silent Force magnum opus, but founder Alex Beyrodt has been keeping busy ever since. Doing time with the hard rocking Voodoo Circle as well as joining forces with Primal Fear and Sinner, one was beginning to wonder if Silent Force would make its return onto the metal scene.

Back with a vengeance, Beyrodt has enlisted top notch musicians, unleashing a scorching masterwork entitled Rising From Ashes. Included in the lineup is legendary Primal Fear/Sinner bassist Mat Sinner, adding his own trademark rhythms to the proceedings. The lineup is solidified by Alessandro Del Vecchio on keyboards, André Hilgers on drums, and silentforce2014_1Michael Bormann on vocals. Exploring each member’s vast credits of past and present will only prove that this is going to be a case of pure hard rocking perfection! The year is only beginning, but Silent Force has given it quite a kickoff with the mighty Rising From Ashes.

Caught In Their Wicked Game slams the album into supersonic gear, clearly demonstrating the sheer determination and skill of each and every member. There Ain’t No Justice then hooks the listen in with its spiraling melodies and lyrical urgency. “Life is full of changes, it’s a roller coaster ride,” Bormann muses on the highly effective Circle Of Trust. Living To Die shows once again the perfect amalgamation of potent lyrics and glorious band performances driving a powerful song into the stratosphere. Before You Run begins with a pulsating keyboard interlude before exploding into a dazzling display of hard rock excellence.

Anthems such as You Gotta Kick It make you want to take on the world at large with its heroic guitar playing and empowering vocal performances. Turn Me Lose is a magnificent track that goes straight to the heart with its “Sarah, why don’t you set me free” refrains. Born To Be A Fighter demonstrates yet again Silent Force’s penchant for unleashing a victorious anthem of rebellion. Anytime Anywhere is so wildly infectious, you’ll be singing its refrains for the metal ages ahead. And then closing out Rising From Ashes is the splendid Kiss Of Death, with its stunning “You gotta be bad, you gotta be mean, you gotta be dangerous” chorus leaving a thunderously lasting impression.

When all is said and done, Rising From Ashes could only be viewed as a genre classic – a remarkable comeback for a band destined to reclaim their crown as heavy metal royalty. Check into what Silent Force 2014 has to offer and prepare to be thoroughly mesmerized!

(Review by Ken Morton)

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