Rocky Loves Emily


Based out of the rock and roll city of Detroit, Michigan, Rocky Loves Emily is a band you’ll be hearing a lot more from in the coming year. Fans of entities such as The Maine and Artist Vs Poet have a date with destiny when encountering the blissfully infectious tunes that this tremendously talented collective has to offer.

The six musicians who form Rocky Loves Emily present a vibrant, full-on sound that is sure to gain them a good deal of attention throughout the United States and beyond. Their debut EP entitled American Dream is a terrific launching pad for Rocky Loves Emily – a five-song musical celebration whose joyous melodies will be embedded within your head even after just a single listen.

First up is the title track American Dream, a spirited pop rock anthem with a big sing-along chorus that should be a crowd favorite when performed live. Clueless is grand and upbeat, filled with catchy hooks and other mighty goodness that potential hit single are made of.

Name Of The Game is cool and collected, an ironic song about a girl who can’t remember the name of a rather lovesick suitor. And then there’s See Her Again, a sweet track of wistfulness that should really get your toes tapping.

The EP ends way too soon with a song called There’s A Word For You – a slamming song about the one girl with a questionable reputation that everyone talks about. Every single track found within American Dream could be played on the radio airwaves. Rocky Loves Emily definitely has a knack for writing a terrific pop song, and it will be exciting to see what their first full-length album will sound like.

American Dream was produced with skilled precision by Casey Bates, whose own impressive credits include such bands as Pierce The Veil, A Skylit Drive, and Fear Before. The resourceful Rocky Loves Emily lineup consists of Brandon Ellis on vocals, Pete Kalinowski on drums, Sean Kick on guitar, Andrew Stevens on guitar, Stephen Hull on keys, and Wood Simmons on bass. With releases as stunning as American Dream, expect Rocky Loves Emily to be living the rock and roll dream in no time at all.

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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  1. Dad Clement 8 years ago

    These boyz are at my house! They are, indeed, GREAT boyz!!!!! Look out as they take the music scene by storm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Danielle 8 years ago

    congrats guys. super proud of you.

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