romuvos1_400x400Romuvan Dainas by Romuvos (No Colours Records)

No Colours Records is an absolute legend in the underground metal arena, with such notable acts as Graveland and Nargaroth on their distinguished rooster (as well as releasing Dimmu Borgir’s landmark debut album For All Tid). Their releases are pure adventures in sound, and Romuvan Dainas by Romuvos is a stunning addition to their already impressive catalog.  The mastermind behind Romuvos is Vilnius, presenting imaginative tales from the days of knighthood and other bewitching Pagan subjects.  While Viking-era Bathory and latter day Falkenbach may be cited as references, Velnias weaves his own mystical sound into the proceedings, and the results are phenomenally breathtaking.  As a background to the band’s moniker, “romuva” means reviving the religious practices and pagan traditions of the Lithuanians and Baltic people before the plague commonly known as Christianity.

romuvos2The glorious epic commences with the sweeping reveries of Under The Glaciers Of Baltijos enveloping the  atmosphere with its triumphant reprieves.  Beyond The Gates Of Ouroboros continues the passage into another time, featuring intriguing soundscapes and melancholic vocals. Thy Glory And Might Thus We Shal Stand begins with a calming overture before exploding into a majestic odyssey of epic proportions. Poems For The Dead is a vibrant tribute to those who have passed on – a beautifully hypnotic masterwork that makes you want to take on the world at large.

Sailing Far Away From Shores Of Men starts the voyage with a calming interlude before the acoustic guitars and multilayered vocals transport this one into a hymn for the ages. Inside The Lake is sorrowful and enigmatic, like one of those songs spun around the fire that will linger deep within your soul for an eternity.  Egle- The Queen Of Serpents is another highlight with its darkly enchanted lyrics and slithering melodies leaving an indelible impression – definitely showcasing Velnias gift for telling an unforgettable story in song. And then closing out the journey on a mystical note is the title cut Romuvan Dainas, opening with vocals and percussion and then sweeping the listener into a euphoric state of sonic bliss.

Romuvan Dainas by Romuvos is a thrilling debut that music aficionados all across the world will want to experience time and again. There is no screaming or growling, and yet the compositions retain a thrilling intensity and vibrant timelessness that will captivate the senses of all valiant types willing to give a listen. It will be exciting to witness the next gripping chapter Velnias presents with the magnificent Romuvos.

(Review by Ken Morton)

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