EUREKA by ROONEY (Rooney Records/Independent Label Group)

An album named for realization of findings, with its own calling the shots including production and distribution, comes out being a safe bet for this band’s third release. The band briefly indulges itself in hard rock with the new song Not In My House. The usual three minute pop songs about relationships are on here as well.

The album starts of with Holdin’ On which sets the tone of telling it’s listeners that the album will lead to be more of a personal introspective album this time. I Can’t Get Enough is the first single. The basic fun songs on the other two previous albums show that that with this song they still believe in plain simple fun.

Only Friend through it’s lyrics you will find what your friends really mean to you in this one. The melodies are awesome. Into the Blue is A song that has deep imagery which is kind of kind trippy and melancholy. All Or Nothing is just that. It has a catchy hook to the song. The Hunch is the pop dance track on the record. I Don’t Wanna Lose You is about bad relationships. Stars And Stripes melodies sounds a little like a Billy Joel or an Elton John type of a song. Stars And Stripes is one of the best songs here. Including the great ending of the music dying down and building back up really makes this song stand out.

Go On shows the bands dealings with someone close who has died. You’re What I’m Looking For is one of those date songs. Not in My House could be a sporting events anthem tune used to intimidate the opposing team and keep them from scoring. Don’t Look at Me is a real person song that takes a look at one’s own self. Rooney’s album this time seems a bit more mature and that’s ok too. We all grow up at least a little bit at a time.

(Review by Jonathan D. Wright)


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