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royalblood2Royal Blood by Come & Rest (Self-released)

The musical tapestries unleashed by Come & Rest of Atlanta, GA is anything but tranquil. Presenting a spirited brand of melodic metalcore than will uplift your soul as it assaults your senses, Come & Rest is sonic explosion destined to be heard throughout the historic South and beyond. With dynamic musicianship and super impassioned lyrics, a good demonstration of what Come & Rest has to offer may be found on their new self-released EP entitled Royal Blood.

You are not my Jesus Christ, you’re just a nightmare” scream out the lyrics on the opening title cut Royal Blood – a staggering beginning that is sure to make even the casual listener stand up and take notice. Defiance then follows, a testament of triumph and sheer determination – “I’m built for more, I’m built for more, I am made more than just a wretch” is the call of empowerment that will remain in your head for quite some time.

comerest1Brick And Mortal is a stunning composition, with its searing guitars, thrashing beats, and some powerful clean vocals rendering this one a standout. A scathing critique on organized religion by those who believe passionately, the concluding lyrics “But the church isn’t where it’s supposed to be, so let’s tear it down and start over” will surely provoke a good deal of contemplation – that is when you’re not in the pit raging to their thunderous breakdowns.

Closing out Royal Blood on a decidedly persuasive note is Vultures, heavy and atmosphere in scope. “Are you my vulture? Is this the end?” the vocals muse ominously, leaving quite a lingering impression.

Fearlessly thought provoking and undeniable heavy as hell, Royal Blood by Come & Rest is a stunning debut from a band ready to take their message all across the nation. The resourceful band membership consists of Noel Torres on vocals, Daniel Goehring on guitar, Mitchell Garrett on drums, and Zachary Capes on bass. Be sure to purchase this tremendous EP on ITunes or their Bandcamp page.   Support Come & Rest – as well as the many other bands who place a lot of heart and conviction into their art.

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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